1800 East 8th Street Suite A

1260 Lake Blvd Suite 102 (in Westlake Plaza) Previously Family Dollar

Woodland 18 W Court St
West Sac 3015 W. Capitol Ave (but really on Harbor)
Mon-Sun: 8:00am - 9:00pm
Davis: (530) 756-6618
Woodland: (530) 668-9898
West Sac: (916) 372-6080

Dollar Tree in the Davis Manor Center on 8th Street officially opened on September 5, 2006 in about half of the building that was previously held by  Ralphs. (Grocery Outlet opened in the other half of the space in the building.) Until December 6, 2021 Dollar Tree sold nothing for over a dollar.

This bargain store carries various household items, a wide range of birthday and party decorations including helium balloons, and seasonal goods. They also have a food section with packaged dry items as well as a limited refrigerated and frozen food section. The Dollar Tree is the only place in Davis where the drink "Mondo" can be purchased.

Dollar Tree does carry some gray market goods. These are goods that are intended for sale only in foreign countries, however often gray market goods make their way here where they are repackaged with English language packaging. Many of the generic cereals at Dollar Tree are made in foreign countries such as Mexico or Argentina. Also Dollar Tree sells Arctic Classic "frozen dairy dessert." It is a frozen substance that may look similar to ice cream in photos on the packaging, but it does not meet technical specifications required to qualify as ice cream. In addition, gray market toothpaste might have fluoride levels that are either lower than federal standards or may even be dangerously high. Counterfeit toothpaste made in China containing a poison found in antifreeze has been found at some dollar stores in the U.S. under various brand names such as Colgate.

Many dollar stores sell cheap batteries which are prone to battery acid leakage. Often dollar stores sell carbon-zinc batteries which are less efficient than alkaline batteries. Also, dollar stores have been known to sell extension cords and electronic devices with fake UL labels. These could overheat and start fires. Consumer Reports found that vitamins at dollar stores have been found to contain less nutrients than the labels claimed. Other vitamins didn't dissolve fast enough for them to be absorbed by the body. Also, where these vitamins are manufactured is often not listed. Other countries do not have the same standards for purity and safety for pills and capsules. The pills usually contain white powder fillers and the exact composition of these powders is not listed.

Not all of the items in the store are bargains. Ounce per ounce, you can often find many items cheaper at other stores. For example, with shampoo you can find shampoo on sale at larger volumes and it is cheaper per ounce. Often the product size at Dollar Tree is smaller than what you can buy elsewhere and it works out to being more expensive ounce per ounce. The $1 price point often tricks people into thinking things are cheap when in reality they are not. Often, canned goods can be found in bigger sizes and for cheaper prices at supermarkets. Cake and brownie mixes are usually smaller at dollar stores, which makes them more expensive per unit.

Dollar Tree does not accept coupons, although they do take food stamps.

Their company policy is not to refund purchases for any reason, although merchandise can be exchanged with a receipt.

The Davis City Council Staff Report has more information on this.

The next closest Dollar Tree is in Woodland, although the one in West Sacramento may be closer for East and South Davis Residents.


Recall Notices:

July 5, 2011: Glass Votive Candle Holders: Sold at Dollar Tree, Dollar Bill$, Deal$ and Dollar Tree Deal$ stores nationwide from December 2010 through April 2011 for about $1. Hazard: The glass votive candle holders can shatter while in use, posing a fire and laceration hazard to consumers. Importer: Greenbrier International Inc., of Chesapeake, Va. Description: This recall involves frosted or clear glass votive candle holders with French vanilla scented candles. The votive candle holders are 2 1/2 inches tall. Model number 976127 and date code 1010 are printed on the bottom of the glass votive candle holder. Manufactured in: India. Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the candle holders and return them to the store where purchased for a full refund.


Inflation & Shrinkflation

Given the nature of a fixed-price store in an economy with steady (if generally low) inflation, and the desire for companies to maximize profits the money has to come from somewhere. For years that somewhere was shrinkflation. That's when the price of a good stays the same but the quantity inside the package decreases. Most notably candy bars used to be sold in packs of 8 at Dollar Tree. Sometime between 2011 and 2016 those packages became 6-packs.

Once thought near impossible, raising the price for a store known by name by its price, Dollar Tree caved to pressure from investors. On a fateful Monday in December 2021 both Davis Dollar Trees increased their prices to $1.25 for almost everything to make more profits. They even said so in their earnings call announcing the move. Despite growing inflation in the wake of the pandemic supply chain problems, Dollar Tree did not need to raise prices due to increased cost.



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2005-12-23 15:14:26   Just what Davis needs! More trinkets! Why did the city override the zoning requirement for a grocery store, just like they did at Harvest market? Hmmm.. —JaimeRaba

This location is already well served by the Nugget Market a couple of blocks to the North, and Safeway a couple of blocks to the South. And the Co-Op isn't that far away either. There's more than enough grocery-store coverage here. The city presumably overrode the zoning requirements because they'd rather be getting some tax revenue than having the store sit empty for another 5 years. —AlexPomeranz

This store serves the lower income market that can't afford to shop at the food co-op and the nugget. I see a lot of people to the bulk of their grocery shopping at the dollar tree. It is definately not good quality food but not everyone can afford fancy organic foods. -SolomonBothwell

2006-05-23 17:54:24   I know it's some sort of crazy trade secret, but I'd really like to see the numbers that made Dollar Tree think that it would be a good idea to A) open a store in Davis, and B) open a store on the corner of Pole Line and East Eighth. The only way this store is going to get my money is if they sell forties for a dollar. —ArlenAbraham

2006-08-14 17:28:47   The article in the Enterprise also says, "she said when she has pointed out the big-picture benefits of the proposal it has improved neighborhood response to the idea. These benefits include Dollar Tree doing some beautification and safety-related work on the center". But they have begun painting the building horrible colors—something like neon green and yellow. It's not even the color of the Dollar Tree logo. It's just obnoxious. —SonnyStack

2006-08-14 18:46:09   They apparently thought of the design scheme after renting Punky Brewster: Season 1. —CraigBrozinsky

2006-08-25 12:21:07   I am so glad I moved from the east side. I want to puke everytime i see this place. It hurts my eyes. But maybe I'll grow used to it like I did to the Co-Op. —MyaBrn

2006-08-30 13:09:53   I'm happy that Dollar Tree will be in Davis. I won't have to drive to West Sac to buy candles anymore. I buy 20 candles for $20. And greeting cards, two for a dollar. Dollar Tree and a thrift store in the same shopping center is good synergy. The exterior colors are hideous but a big empty building isn't pretty either. I predict they'll repaint within a year. —SteveGreen

2006-09-11 14:12:58   I went I saw and I bought and it was good. Theres some stuff at the Davis store that's not at the Woodland one like cool art stuff. This store has a great variety of things. I was right — I have adjusted to the hideousness of the building and it doesn't seem so bad anymore. —MyaBrn

2006-09-20 12:01:46   The Dollar Tree is awesome for things that you want/need, but where the quality isn't super important or a generic product is acceptable. For example, candles, greeting cards, cleaning products, ziplock bags, sponges, and candy are all good deals here. —AlexPomeranz

2006-10-26 21:42:27   Worth the bike ride just for the bloonies. Now when I'm in VEN 3 and I'm bored I can make a baloon of my very own out of a tube, and 4 tubes for only a dollar! A bargain at twice the price! —NicholasKnoblauch

2006-12-28 01:13:38   Seeing a Dollar Tree is much less depressing than seeing a vacant building. —AliceChoe

2007-03-15 14:25:51   It's pretty crappy compared to other Dollar Trees I have known. Plus its kind of shady neighborhood, I caught somebody looking into my car windows one time. —DonaldJaye

2007-04-28 19:32:00   actually this is the nicest dollar tree i've seen and the neighbor just gets a bad rap. it's really not that bad, just students and families : ) —WhitneyMartinez

2007-05-20 20:12:02   Even though the prices are cheap, some of the things they sell are much lower quality than regular stores. Their generic candy can be quite bad. I've even seen some candy that was supposed to be recalled. You get what you pay for. —Jedron

2007-06-14 20:26:53   Look out for toothpaste that says, "Made in China." Reports indicate that toothpaste from China may be contaminated with a chemical used in anti-freeze(Diethylene glycol). It might be under a counterfeit name of Colgate or some other name. —Jedron

2007-08-06 20:34:01   It is a great place good for low income and middle income family's i like it about 4 or 5 times a year good store lots of deals I like it and will be back —Brians

2007-09-25 19:18:14   I really enjoy shopping there; it is really wonderful to have this place here to help no income students such as myself. —AnnaF

2007-10-08 12:45:24   everyting only $1... cheap... good deal for students and low income family. Yiu can find good stuff also over there, like some juice, foods, dishes and bath soap. Theya are only a dollar. —viviancute

2008-01-11 03:39:03   What's happening with the other half of the store lot? —thelonepiper555

2008-03-06 17:25:19   I had an odd experience there last Tuesday (Feb. 26). While standing at the register, I noticed a small stand of "Full Throttle" energy drinks with a sign that said "4 for $1". I said to my husband "Look, four Full Throttle energy drinks for a dollar!" The employee standing at the register said "No, it's two for a dollar." I said "But the sign says four for a dollar." The employee said "Someone must have put a pepsi sign there by accident." I said "But the sign says Full Throttle energy drinks, 4 for a dollar." The employee said "Well, it's wrong. It's two for a dollar" and then stood there staring at me. I stared back and said "Then you should change the sign." The employee then turned away and started helping the next person in line. At the very least, she should have removed the sign... —ElleWeber

2008-03-31 18:39:38   Love the dollar store ... why because all the stuck up Davis folks do not like it! I am low income not by choice i think this store is great sure they have some items that are not really a good deal but all places are like that. I have had good experiences there... sure the customer service is not the best but what do you expect from people trying to make a living on 8.00 per hour. I hope this store thrives and continues to serve all people and of course low income folks like us. OH also i like the mature lady that looks like a good ol lady from the south great service if ever see her get in her line great person knows how to treat folks! Thanks dollar store keep it up —Brians

that's a great point. it really is a bit disconcerting how judgemental people are in davis. not everyone can afford to shop at the coop and i think it's great there are stores that serve to other segments in the market!

2008-06-21 10:28:02   can i just say how fabulous it is that they have a freezer and refrigerated section now? 8 hot dogs and 8 hot dog buns for $2! Crazy cheap bbqs. —ElleWeber

2008-10-01 00:08:08   My mom bought some graduation decorations here. When she opened the package for the "congradulations" banner, we all had a good laugh at the typo. Definitely worth a dollar. —MaryLieth

  • That's a typo? I always thought they did that on purpose as a graduation joke. —ElleWeber

2008-12-06 18:46:05   I think the dollar store is a great addition. It offers lots of different products and supplies. Some of my favorite deals include cleaning supplies, air freshners, cooking supplies, and holiday specials. I purchased my roasting foil pan here for a dollar to cook my turkey(safeway charges 3.70 for the same.) I went there on Dec 6th and purchased a lot of holiday items including baking bags for friends and family, gift bags and boxes,ribbon, etc. Their selection is great ,but for specialty items around graduation and the holidays you need to shop early. My favorite items are the kitchen supplies. I have purchased a timer, knives,dish towels and they have all held up nicely. I don't know anywhere else you can get nice balloons for Birthdays etc for a buck. At that proce I bought a whole bouquet! —ElizabethBarthel

2009-04-07 20:48:56   love the dollar tree for rad deals on sun chip treats and household gems, but hate thee rudies who work here! too often i am not greeted at all with at least a simple "hello" let alone eye contact by the cashier whether it be a "don't tell anyone i work here" middle-aged woman, obnoxious college kid girl too busy hitting on the next person in line, or the stores very own manager. i work for $8 an hour too and still care enough to make people feel like human beings! —Frenchie

2009-06-10 09:52:12   I like the dollar store for cleaning products and the occasional cheap decorations. —nkristis

2009-07-19 19:15:23   Despite the stigma that comes with saying so, I love the Dollar Tree. Great for cheap (and cute!) stationary, pens, wrapping paper and greeting cards as well as cleaning products, candles and other useful household goods. Those who snub without giving it a try should go in and look around at least once. You may be surprised. —AliceMaine

2010-03-10 19:40:13   The Dollar Tree's candy section is amazing. —PhilMann

2010-04-06 08:54:09   not the best quality. candy section is great, but although its the dollar tree, you can still get some stuff cheaper at quick shop market just a couple blocks over. better quality, too. —guarunga

2010-05-20 14:10:38   Warning! Do not buy any food from here unless its chips..My husband and I bought the potato salads from the freezer section and got food poisoning!!! And one of my friends bought some bread and it had mold in it when she opened it! —cherryr

2010-05-21 10:02:53   Dollar stores are surprisingly hard-mode; most of their merchandise is awful but some of it is a fantastic value. I can't imagine going anywhere else for toilet paper, plastic bags, cleaning solvents, or lightbulbs. They've even got Goya brand beans! However, never forget that warning about grey-market goods. If it looks bogus, it is. If it doesn't look bogus... well it might still be but it's worth checking out, carefully. —khabok

  • Actually, I've found that many of the items at dollar stores are available for 88 cents from WalMart... or for a bit more at Target (but often significantly nicer). Proximity and convenience may vary, of course... -jw

2010-06-03 12:48:52   Everything you never knew you needed, all for just a dollar! Greeting cards, candy, gloves, batteries, party hats - This place rules. (oh but there's tax, so bring some change with your dollar) —ClarkVineyard

2010-07-07 16:00:11   The neighborhood association has announced that Grocery Outlet will be moving in to the vacant space next to the Dollar Tree. The permits have apparently been approved by the city. No public hearing is necessary since the building is already zoned to allow a grocery store. —MupDup

2010-08-03 22:33:44   I hate the staff here and I hate most of the food. This place is semi-decent but the food is almost all expired. I found a moldy cookie in the back of a shelf and I saw some kids munching down on the chips. The shopping carts are extremely dirty. The only reason I go here is for some bath items, washcloths, candles, cat litter liners, plastic bags, and occasionally makeup that I would use for Halloween. —Churro615

2010-09-27 00:15:10   I live near here and thus come by frequently. Yeah, the interior is kinda grungy and you get this feeling of nasty inside, but it's a great place to go for stuff like soap and various etc pieces you forgot to pack with you. It's kind of amazing what you can find here; I bought a pretty good 8-pc screwdriver here. Pretty good selection of major brand stuff as well and their 20 oz. sodas are $1 + CRV (something like ten cents) vs. $1.25-1.75 on campus. —HarrisonM

2010-11-24 14:51:56   the lines here are usually long, but its worth it for the cheap prices —hkaeley

2011-02-10 02:17:21   never mind the neighborhood politics surrounding dollar stores...who chose those colors?! s/he should be arrested for public indecency. —MelindaYin

2011-05-18 02:46:05   Is it true everything has some degree of lead in it =p —CarlosOverstreet

2018-07-31 01:44:28   They remodeled recently it's similar to the setting in woodland. Long isles now that lead you past chips and snacks before checkout. Its OK they do a good job. Plus I shop here a lot. —mobileload916