The Davis Wiki project is a community, non-profit effort to compile the undefined elements of everything Davis. Everyone can contribute and edit content — it is no one person or group's site. With this in mind, we intend to keep Davis Wiki completely free and, equally importantly, free from banner ads and other advertising. Forever. The only page that will ever mention our generous sponsors by name is this page.


Regardless of intentions, running a web site is not a free enterprise. So we ask — if you enjoy the site and want to help keep it running for as long as possible — that you make a contribution.

We are an educational and charitable 501(c)3 organization. This means your contributions are tax deductible.

Donate online with PayPal using your Credit/Debit card or your PayPal account:

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To donate via check: Make your check payable to "Wiki Spot" (our parent organization) and mail to this address:

Wiki Spot PO Box 401044 San Francisco, CA 94140-1044

If you donate via check, please send an email to [email protected] to let us know so we can keep track of donations as they come in. If you don't want to be thanked publicly or have any other special instructions, please say so in your email. Please indicate if you'd like a receipt for tax purposes! If you'd like to deduct the contribution from your taxes you'll want a receipt. Give us an email address to send your receipt to.

2010 donations

  • David Sanchez
  • Lauren Vaage
  • Suzanne Hjerpe
  • Efrem Rensi

Past donations

Donations are also being recorded here

Our generous donors (2009)

  • Graham Freeman (Subsidized server costs for 2009)
  • Eden Akhavi (free SSL certificate)
  • Thomas Constantine
  • Zac Morris
  • Greg Martin
  • Christopher Weible
  • Luke Crawford / for a VPS for hosting our code
  • Charles Roberson

Your generous contributions are most appreciated!

Our generous donors (2008 period)

In-person fundraiser event

We had a fantastic fundraising party extravaganza on July 29th, 2006! However, donations are much appreciated at any time.



During Fundraiser

Apologies for misspelled names!

  • Hui Chen
  • John Lofland
  • Christine Marsden
  • Patricia Ang
  • Oleg Igoshin
  • Jake Jackson
  • George David Suarez
  • Graham Freeman
  • Travis Grathwell
  • Tiffany Snell
  • Craig Brozinsky
  • Matthew Wong
  • Maynard Skinner
  • Luis de la Torre
  • Dan Macht
  • Tim Monk
  • Pxl
  • Lee Beardworker
  • Andy Pastalaniec
  • Brendan Boyle
  • Wyndham
  • Erik Noftle
  • Jessica Ponaman
  • Clara Van Zanten
  • Jason Aller
  • Erin Anderson
  • Cheryl Kysh
  • Brian Chen
  • Elisa Hough
  • Dan Masiel
  • David Nguyen
  • Yawen Chen
  • Matt Kemmerle
  • Meryl Hashimoto
  • John Kearney
  • Michael Steinman
  • Daniel Berliner
  • Phil Cameron
  • Rachel Skytl
  • Neil Mattson
  • Janelle Alvstad-Mattson
  • Sharon Zimmerman
  • Rebecca Wu
  • Dave Kaue
  • Janice Gutshall
  • Rosy Klang
  • Derek Ellis
  • Amit Vainsencher
  • Martin Homec
  • Sally Parker
  • Jaime Raba
  • Tom Nelson
  • Geoff Johnson
  • Ben Johnson
  • Dave Oxford
  • Nick Kent-Basham
  • Jessica Krupsh
  • Allan Rae
  • Welsey Ryan
  • Yu Ah Ting Vaneesa
  • Jason Moore
  • Mary Ternes
  • Enosh Baker
  • Howard Zochlinksi
  • Jon Fenske
  • Kenji Yamada
  • Brian Martinez
  • Sue Greenwald
  • Jenny Pettis
  • Joe Garrity
  • Scott Bransford
  • Brendan Pattengale
  • Saraswathi Subbaraman
  • Nikki
  • Gonzalo Eyzaguirre
  • Karl Mogel
  • Amy Zimmerman
  • Stephanie Christiana
  • Rob Roy
  • Aaron Burda
  • Emy Fargey-Williams
  • Amanda Garrison
  • Nilendra Gurusinghe
  • Lay Consulting
  • Daniel Boxwell
  • James Vitiello
  • Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards and Sarah Hillard
  • Brian Ang
  • Daniel Berliner
  • Michael Harrington and the residents of the Turtle House for donating their home for us to use for the evening

Month-by-month breakdown of expenses

2005-08: Hosting (dedicated server) via 1and1: $100 2005-09: Hosting (dedicated server) via 1and1: $100 2005-10: Hosting (dedicated server) via 1and1: $100 2005-11: Hosting (dedicated server) via 1and1: $100 2005-12: Hosting (dedicated server) via 1and1: $100 2005-12-26 items purchased for server (see Wiki Hosting):

(4) STT D400 1G/64X8 ECC Memory

(1) Tyan Transport GT20 B2865G20S4H SATA 1U Server Platform

(1) Chenbro 24" Mounting Rail Set for RM124

(2) Maxtor 7Y250M0 250GB Serial ATA 7200rpm 8MB cache Hard Drive

(1) AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 3800+* (2.0GHz) Retail.

Sub Total $1,486.30 Weight: 47.48 lb Tax $122.62 Shipping Method: UPS Ground Shipping $39.91 Shipping Insurance $0.00 Check Shipping Total $1,648.83

2006-01: Hosting (dedicated server) via 1and1: $100 2006-02: Hosting (dedicated server) via 1and1: $100 2006-03: Hosting (dedicated server) via 1and1: $100 2006-04: Hosting (dedicated server) via 1and1: $100 2006-05: Hosting (dedicated server) via 1and1: $100 2006-05: Hosting (bandwidth & space) via Cernio: $50 2006-06: Hosting (bandwidth & space) via Cernio: $50 2006-06-26: Renewed domain via Godaddy. Cost: $9.24 2006-07: Hosting (bandwidth & space) via Cernio: $50 (pre-paid) 2006-08: Hosting (bandwidth & space) via Cernio: $50 (pre-paid)

2005-2006 Totals

Expenses: $2,858.07. Total donations (after paypal charges): $2,966.12

The following people got a wiki shirt (will factor into donation section after bottom line is caculated): PatrickProctor, LuisdelaTorre, AndrewChen, ChristyMarsden, TomAbeles, JillWeinstein, KarlMogel, SimonFung, MichelleAccurso, AndrewBanta, DavidReid. Total income from shirts is $275, with a cost of $189 to purchase. 7 shirts were remaining after the free-for-all sale and will be sold at the fundraiser on July 29th.


We successfully raised $1000 in donations during the 2004-2005 period.

Your generous contributions are most appreciated!

Every user of the site is donating his or her time to make Davis Wiki better. There are also ways you can help with the backend of the site (graphic design, html, programming, etc). See Wiki Developers if you're interested in helping out with those aspects.