The Downtown Davis Treewalk is a self-guided tour of some of the oldest and most interesting trees in the downtown area. It was originally created in 1994 by Bob Cordrey, Diane Medlock, and Ken Nunes as the "Downtown Tour of Landmark Trees" and was substantially revised in 2006 by TREE Davis executive director Ruth Williams, Mike Ozonoff, and David Robinson with consultation from many community members to reflect changes that had occurred since its inception.

(Design and publishing support for the treewalk brochure, which is available at the southeast corner of 2nd St. and D St., were provided by MAK Design Build, Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), and Coldwell Banker Doug Arnold Real Estate, Inc.).

The walk starts at Gilbert Menke's scupture and includes the Catalina cherry in back of the Hamel House, once the home of Henry Jacob Hamel and now the location of the Coldwell Banker office, the massive valley oak in Central Park, familiar to everyone who shops at the Davis Farmers Market, and ends at the beautiful Deodar cedar at 132 C St., which marks the entrance to downtown Davis from the south.

The current guide still includes the Mansion Square/Gray Pine which used to tower over the Mansion Square shopping center/office complex and got knocked over in a wind storm, cut down and turned into mulch between 14 and 17 February 2008.

There will be four opportunities to join us on the Downtown Davis Treewalk this spring—on 3, 10, 17, and 24 April. We'll meet at the fountain in the E Street Plaza at 6:00PM and start the tour, which will take about an hour and 15 minutes, at 6:15PM. The walks will be guided by local experts Warren Roberts of the U.C.D. Arboretum, John Lichter of Tree Associates, Ellen Zagory of the U.C.D. Arboretum, and Pamela Frickmann of the Sacramento Tree Foundation. Please call us at 758-7337 and RSVP.

The Trees

Catalina Cherry

505 2nd Street

Valley Oak

212 D Street


514 3rd Street

Dutch Elm

616 4th Street

Coast Redwood

4th and C Streets

Sycamore Grove

4th and C Streets

Valley Oak

4th and C Streets

English Elm

230 C Street


236 B Street

Cork Oak

240 2nd Street

California Black Walnut

128 E Street

Deodar Cedar

102 E Street

Foothill (gray) Pine

132 E Street—removed 14-17 February 2008