These are reviews of Dr. Gennis Guerrieri and Dr. Blackman from 2005 through 2008, when the practice changed hands. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2005-09-20 17:22:16   Dr. Guerreri is super-friendly, and very competent. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a new eye doc. —AlexPomeranz

2005-11-03 19:38:10   These guys have the coolest sign in Davis. It reads "DJ Blackman and MC Guerreri" its like they are rap superstars who moonlight as optometrists. Can the entertainment council get them to play the COHO by any chance? —ZacMorris

2005-12-10 10:11:15   I recently visited Dr. Guerreri's office for the first time. He and his staff were very friendly, helpful, and thorough. I plan to continue my care with them. —AmandaSmith

2006-01-05 16:54:15   Dr. Guerrieri is a fantastic doctor and is extremely friendly (and chatty). If you are new in town, I highly recommend him. FYI: they have a really small selection of eyeglasses in my opinion....but yet again, Davis is a small town & the office isn't very big. —AmyGunnarson

2006-03-31 19:24:54   I went to Dr. Guerreri to get my contacts and glasses prescription. He was a great optometrist, answered all of my questions completely, and was willing to explain everything he did. The office also took retinal pictures of my eye so that they can look back on the changes in my eyes over the years. They had a good selection of frames and took the VSP insurance that I had as a university employee. —RohiniJasavala

2006-04-26 13:19:12   Dr. Blackman has been my optometrist since I moved to Davis. He's really friendly and nice. I'm surprised to see the comment about how 'angry' and 'ballastic' he got because he is pretty laid back. I was even late for an appointment one time and he made an exception to see me anyway. I'm pretty happy with my contacts and I have never been told to wear my contacts for more than I should. —HenryWatson

2007-02-15 10:46:42   Dr. Guerreri is really friendly, nice and intelligent. He explained everything to me in super detail, so now I finally understand why I have bifocals (but can see close up). He even talked to me about general health things (while being funny because he is an eye dctor, I found it cute because he wanted to make sure I was healthy otherwise...) I would recommend this office. Everyone is nice, the office is very cozy and Dr. Guerrieri was excellent to work with. My glasses look great, :D —ChristyMarsden

2007-07-16 11:51:33   BOOOOOO! I told Dr. Blackman that I was happy with my acuvue advanced lenses, but then he recommended that I try out the new oasis lenses with out telling me that there would be a $20 fitting fee. How was I supposed to know. This was my first time going to the optometrist since I left my home town and home optometrist who wasn't a big cheater. Since I borrowed the money for the appointment in the first place I didn't have the extra twenty bucks to pay the fee and even though my insurance would have paid for the contacts for me, Dr. Blackman's office won't release my prescription to me until I pay the $20. Don't go here. They are big scam artists. —Megan

I think "big scam artists" would charge you more than $20 for something without telling you. It sounds like this was either an innocent mistake, or more likely you just weren't paying attention. PhilSpear

2008-01-12 09:15:13   I've been seeing Dr. Guerrieri for over ten years now and he's just awesome. Very personable and very detailed in his explanations of all aspects of optometry. He's shown great care in getting just the right prescription and having me try multiple contact lenses for trial periods to make sure I get the best fit. When I moved to Sac for a few years I still commuted over for my eye appointments. Always a great experience. We're lucky to have him here in Davis. —KarenEmbry

2008-01-29 13:00:39   WOW!!!! that blonde receptionist they have ( i think her name is Rachael) is SSSSOOOOOO cute!!!! i would make an appt. just to come in and see her. i HIGHLY recommend this office. —MeatyMike

2008-03-10 13:17:40   Dr. Blackman was friendly and competent and I felt like I had a thorough exam. However, picking out and ordering the frames was extremely time consuming. It is a small office and the staff is slow and not familiar with a breadth of prescription nuances. I had some difficulties which were finally resolved in a good way. -AnneLouise

2008-05-03 09:50:37   i had a horrible expirience in speaking with the staff at this office!First speaking to the non competent office manager who was unable to answer my questions had no personable skills what so ever, to follow the young asian women who called her self the glass technician who breath was just unbelievable!!!the bald doctor who ran his mouth for god sake !!!it is unbelievable that an office like that has been opened for so long. Not to mention their front staff rude except for the young lady who sat up in the middle in the front desk she took the time to explain my insurance benefits to me with no rush.Overall please think twice before wasting your time in that office!!!!!!i would hate for any of our local or non local friends waste their time in this office!!!!good luck!!!! —zenya

2008-05-20 23:56:39   MC and DJ are their real initials. So disappointing. —LindsayLi