Complete Platforms of Dylan Schaefer, Independent Candidate for ASUCD Senate:


A perennial problem that has become more visible due to recent events on campus is the growing antagonistic relationship between the student community and the police. Unfortunately, ASUCD’s efforts to seriously improve these problems over the years have been sporadic at best. To rectify this I propose:

  • Institutionalize and Prioritize Student-Police Relations. Our student-police relations committee is a severely underutilized and often poorly attended body. It’s also the only point of contact between the police and many ASUCD officials. I would like to expand ASUCD’s presence in working with police, both on and off campus, in hopes that more frequent discussion will lead to a better understanding and fewer incidents between the two groups.
  • Personal contact between students and police. To improve accessibility and approachability, I would like ASUCD to host a community event where off-duty police officers would be able to meet and mingle with students from all communities so the police can personally get to know the students and hear their concerns first hand. Additionally, students would get to meet interact with officers in a casual setting and learn the police officers’ side of the story.


In the past few years, Picnic Day has become an event associated with binge drinking and community disrespect. The university and community response so far has been primarily to increase the number of police and to limit alcohol sold on the day of the event. If we want Picnic Day to continue past the 100th anniversary of the event, we need to shift from thinking in a short-term perspective and move to a long-term perspective. That means:

  • Bringing the entire community of Davis into the event. Right now, Picnic Day highlights the town/gown divide between the University and the City of Davis. The only official picnic day event that occurs even in part off campus is the Parade, but which is over before noon. I want to work with the Picnic Day Board, The City of Davis, and community organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and the DDBA to implement events downtown that will draw in families, students, and members of the community who would normally not participate in the event. In doing so, the entire community will become a part of Picnic Day, and there will be less pressure to end the event.
  • Providing alternatives to drinking on the day/night of the event. Having alcohol-free alternatives on campus aimed at UCD students, such as concerts, carnival games, and the like run by ASUCD or student organizations will encourage people to stay sober and bring out students who normally would not participate in Picnic Day.
  • Changing the culture of picnic day. Although this is an effort that has already been started, ASUCD needs consistent leadership to push back against groups and businesses that want to market Picnic Day as a drinking event. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with drinking during Picnic Day, having the event be a weekend-long drinking binge is not a sustainable model for the event. As a Senator I will work with the university, student organizations, Greeks, and businesses to continue to de-emphasize alcohol consumption on Picnic Day weekend.


ASUCD is first and foremost a business, and our spending priorities need to reflect that reality. As an Association, we need to focus on making sure our units are run in the most efficient manner while providing the maximum benefit to the students. Specifically, I would like to:

  • Put better Wi-Fi in the CoHo. The CoHo is probably the most central gathering spot for undergraduates on campus, but there is not enough bandwidth to handle all of the traffic at peak operating times. I would like to add more Wi-Fi channels provided by ASUCD to increase the bandwidth available.
  • Renovate the Aggie Student Store. As much of the MU is slated to be remodeled in the next couple of years, I will make sure that ASUCD’s Aggie Student Store (CoHo To-Go) gets priority treatment. Along with a complete renovation of the interior, a remodel will include new equipment and shelving to allow for a greater variety of goods to be sold. Additionally, I would like to see the unit become independent of the Coffee House and report directly to the ASUCD Senate and Executive Office.


Currently, the ASUCD Senate spends hours and hours debating and discussing legislation, often into the early hours of the morning, and yet passes most legislation unanimously. While it is great that the Senators are so thorough, having Senate meetings last that long is extremely inefficient and allows for relatively little public input- a key feature of ASUCD democracy. As a Senator, I will implement reforms such as a consent calendar, a device used by almost all legislative bodies, in order to expedite non-controversial business and to allow more time for important work. Additionally, I would like to delegate more power and responsibilities to Commissions to help the whole organization be run more effectively.

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