Undergraduate Computer Labs

All the undergraduate computer labs have an HP Laserjet printer. An ECE account is needed to log on to any of the computers. The Computer Science labs are located in the basement. Over time there have been other labs.

  • 1101/1105 — 40 Dell OptiPlex GX110 computers (Pentium 3 933MHz, 384MB RAM) running Red Hat Linux (kernel version 2.4.21). These machines are often used for SPICE and Matlab simulations.
    • The printer used to be a good source of scratch paper because students would leave their cover pages lying around, but it no longer prints them.
  • 2107 — 24 Dell Precision 380's (3.0GHz P4s, 1GB RAM) with 19" LCDs. Until spring 2006, 2107 used to have the slowest machines (HP 9000 B132Ls) in ECE. As of May 2008, they are equipped with Nvidia 8800 GTS display cards.
  • 2110 — 21 Dell Precision 390's (Slimmer model of the 380) running Red Hat ES Linux 5. This lab is mainly used by EEC180A.
  • 2112 — 11 Dell Precision 390's running WindowsXP. This room is used for EEC151/EEC172 and is locked when there is no class scheduled. These computers have National Instruments interfacing boards in them, although students keep on figuring out new ways to kill the boards.

Undergraduate Electronics Labs

Each workstation in the electronics labs generally has some combination of an oscilloscope, variable power supply, function generator, and multimeter. This equipment is also quite old.

Wire, resistors, capacitors, and other parts needed for labs are obtained from room 2162 only during scheduled lab sessions.

  • 2110 — 21 stations (used by EEC70, EEC180AB)
  • 2112 — 11 stations (used by EEC151, EEC172)
  • 2147 — 10 stations (used by EEC195A-C)
  • 2151 — 6 stations (used by EEC194A-C)
    • This is the Micromouse lab. The maze is kept here.
  • 2155 — 13 stations (used by EEC112)
  • 2157 — 11 stations (used by ENG100, EEC100, EEC114, EEC118)
  • 2161 — 11 stations (used by ENG100, EEC100, EEC114, EEC118)