College Better is a pun on 'bettor', one who places bets.  Additionally, it refers to a project run by Lester Lusher in Spring Quarter 2015. 


Here is the introductory letter:

Dear U.C. Davis students,

A team of researchers from the Department of Economics at U.C. Davis are excited to offer you an opportunity to participate in a new, educational program intended to help students invest in their education, stick to their commitments, and earn money. The idea is simple. We are allowing students to place a $10 wager on themselves to successfully raise their cumulative GPA by the end of the Spring 2015 quarter. We will collect everyone’s $10 wager and place it into one giant pot. Then, at the end of the Spring quarter, we will split the pot of money evenly amongst all those students who successfully raised their cumulative GPA.

You can join our program in two different ways. You can either visit and follow the instructions therein, or visit Lester during his office hours on Friday April 10 between 10-12 and 1-5 in SSH124. Please note that space is limited, and signups are now live, so claim your spot soon! Registration ends April 14.

Feel free to tell your friends about the program, but only U.C. Davis undergraduates are allowed to participate. Furthermore, you must be taking at least 12 units for a letter grade this Spring quarter. Finally, you must have enrolled in at least one quarter of classes prior to this quarter at U.C. Davis.

Please email Lester Lusher at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments and we look forward to seeing some of you on Friday!

Program Structure