Edward Baraona ran for ASUCD Senate as an Independent in the Fall 2007 ASUCD Election. He failed to win an office. Edward is a third year film studies major. Baraona was the Plaintiff for Court Case #43.

Fall 2007 Election

Edward had a Facebook group.

Fall 2007 Candidate Statement

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Edward Baraona and I wish to serve UC Davis as an Independent ASUCD Senator on behalf of not a few students but ALL UC Davis students!

I have wrote and published in magazines and books while in high school. I narrated and directed a Documentary film on Latin American Jewish roots in Jerusalem, Israel. Upon entering college I have gained experience as a poet, writer, and documentary filmmaker. I am currently working on a Spanish children’s book series as well as majoring in film studies with a minor in history and I dream to direct and produce documentaries and dramatic features. I have also adjusted to the new life of Yolo County with ease despite being a native San Francisco City boy where there were no cows or horses whatsoever. I am fluent in English and Spanish and a little bit of Hebrew.

I realize the demands of ASUCD students with/without compromise and to firmly advocate new and bigger ideas that will benefit every single student on campus! I believe in protecting student entrepreneurship on and off campus through funding and less regulation enforcement. “We have to transform UC Davis into a model university that goes beyond expectations!”

I am not fond of political battles and sees them as pointless and counterproductive theatrical shenanigans that need to be put to rest. Davis demands results after false promises and false hope has been used to manipulate our votes. I will waste no time and will devote myself to see that the job gets done, period! I will utilize my skills from film directing and apply them in the Senate. I am aggressive and to the point and never speak around an issue. Instead I will take all of my obligations seriously as I will instill a direct and straightforward character! I am opinionated and can be brutally honest holding nothing back! I am an accomplished artist and will continue to do so upon graduation, but, feels obligated to accomplish senatorial deeds to change the face and interior of UC Davis.

ASUCD has an average annual fiscal budget of $9.5 million! I will independently go out of my way and work with the administrators of the executive office including the Board of Regents and bring together the senate to make sure we pass meaningful and effective resolutions.

I am not a politician nor do I look forward to a career in politics, but, I am confident, decisive, and aggressive, when it comes to protecting and defending student interests. My reason for running is because I look forward to serving the students of UC Davis.

I am running as an independent because I refuse to lose the opportunity to make decisions that I know in my heart is right. It is too easy to think with the mind, it is more of a challenge but beneficial to speak from our hearts and souls.

UC Davis is a Hyper-Elite university within the fifth largest economy in the world, the state of California. I feel that we have the numbers and the prestige to go beyond what is merely expected of the ASUCD senate. When UC Davis speaks, the California state and the World will listen, period! I am not a revolutionary nor a communist, I only believe in making decisions with close scrutiny and following our intuition and heart. It is time for Davis to “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy”! I plan to take Davis onto a new and higher level. Davis at my service will be the nation’s “Model University” incomparable to any other.

I have a goal to have two students on the board of regents and I am confident that I will make progress to ensure that this occurs so as to create better communication and representation in regent discussions and decision making. ASUCD with its potential influence could work to make this happen and I believe I can make it a reality. I want my campaign to be about two words: Think Big!

Its time to put away the silly, not to mention counterproductive, political conflicts and work together on behalf and as UC Davisites!



I believe that ASUCD should become more involved in academic study, expression, and exchanges of ideas. I want to create forums, invite speakers, and promote events that will introduce the following subjects:

  • History of Latin America that focuses on the, Civil wars North African, East European and Middle Eastern migration.
  • The Israeli occupation of Palestine.
  • Current events of China and its transformation form communism to capitalism.
  • Expand language classes beyond from Hebrew to Arabic to Native American and Yiddish languages!
  • Drug Traffic and more!!
  • Global migration into the United States results of assimilation into American culture.
  • Anti-Imperialism lectures!
  • Most importantly is the protection of ASUCD faculty from political harassment
  • On campus internships!
  • Mix of culinary arts and chemistry with anthropology science of taste.


  • Organizing events that are entertaining and fun but also intellectually stimulating.
  • Comedy, concert, dances, sneak preview film screenings, poetry slams, competitive talent shows and more not only on campus but within the city of Davis Cultural film festivals and guest speakers and directors and forums, annual Student short film awards.
  • Discounted or Free Events at the Coffee House.


  • Culture: Diminish the feel of separation and isolation based on culture and spread love and appreciation for one another
  • Intercultural quarterly dinner and Ball, bringing all cultural clubs to party for networking opportunities.
  • Obliterating all sorts of politcal and theological Fascism on every UC Campus!

University Safety Reform

  • University Enforcement Reform: Attacks or hate crimes against any member of the UCD Faculty or student body will not be tolerated by ASUCD.

Environmental Activism

  • Environmental Activism: Expand Wi-Fi internet connection for students and launch a green city campaign to greenify Davis and other inner cities within the state of California.
  • I will collaberate with the Academic Senate and environemtnal groups as well as the Environmental Policy and Planning Commission to expose the environmental crises of the inner cities of San Francisco Richmond Oakland and Los Angeles!
  • Beyond Campus Power: Strengthen the collaboration and lobbying with the city of Davis, Yolo county and state of California as well as attract the top private sector companies to recruit students at Davis.


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2007-10-29 16:05:36   Steve Ostrowski is backing your bid for office, correct? —BrentLaabs

  • 2007-10-29 16:22:53   I don't know, i can't really speak for another person. I wish for everyones backing, i draw no lines. Glad you checked out the page! —EdwardBaraona
    • You can't speak for someone who's an admin on your facebook group? —BrentLaabs

2007-10-29 18:57:04   Oh and by the way Bret i have to thank you for letting jeremy know to call me i was a little worried that day. —EdwardBaraona

2007-10-29 19:14:14   I was wondering how that happened, did someone else write part of your statement? if you ever want to chat about ASUCD get ahold of me. There has been a lot of progress recently on a few of your issues. —AndrewPeake

2007-10-29 19:45:32   Yes definitly, my roomates are really kewl they've been helping me alot, i cannot just give credit to my self, that would only be very selfish. i think running for any office is a team effort, just like filmmaking, you have your directors, producers post production etc. and for that reason i have to give thanks to Andrew Mclannan, aj Palisoc and Bobbie Molero for helping me on this campaign, it would not be possible without them. —EdwardBaraona

2007-10-29 20:34:07   But no the statement is based entirely on my analysis —EdwardBaraona

2007-10-29 20:39:08   Re: "University Enforcement Reform" What exactly will you "enforce" and how? That seems a little vague and scary to me.

Hopefully you we can chat soon but it was nice meeting you at IAC today.