The Egg Effort Coop is home to twelve gorgeous, squawking ladies...

Huey, the big white one, is Queen Omega of the Henhouse. You can’t miss her. She’s a white Plymouth Rock and lays cream colored eggs. She came to the co-ops in about 2004.

Begoña, Big Bertha, and Lafonda are Aracauna crosses. Aracauna’s are known for their distinctive facial feathering and their greenish blue eggs. These hens came to the co-ops in 2002, so they are quite old. Begoña is the blonde one, and has been known to have respiratory problems (although she was never treated, it seems to have resolved itself). Big Bertha is medium brown/grayish, while Lafonda is dark brow/black.

Princess Abyssinia and Gertie are Black Orpingtons. They are black in color, lay brown eggs, and appear quite large due to their extensive feathering. The Orpington is a popular dual purpose breed. It is hardy and cold-resistant. They were obtained as young chicks in 2004 from an experiment on campus. Diaper, Bobby, and Erica are the babies. They are pullets, which means they are in their first year of lay and have not yet gone through a molt. They came from a feed store in Dixon in Spring of 2006. They are Barred Plymouth Rocks (Barred Rocks for short) and lay cream colored eggs.

Mayhen, Squawker-T, and Squirtah-T are the three wild and crazy bantums of which songs are sung. Their specific breed is unknown, but they lay smooth cream-colored eggs. They were probably brought to the co-ops in about 2004.