43 Main St, Winters (opposite side from the Buckhorn and a few doors west)
open 7 days until 9pm
Price range

Chuy's Taqueria is the familiar option for great Mexican food in Winters. However, if you like your tacos and burritos from inside a carniceria, look around the corner for El Pueblo Meat Market and Taqueria/Deli. The quality of the tacos here surpasses that of the Davis taquerias (only the West Davis branch of Chuy's is comparable), so it's worth a trip.

Tacos are $1.25 and contain a generous portion of meat. Meats available are:

- Asada/Beef - Pollo/Chicken - Carnitas/Deep Fried Pork - Adobada/Marinated Pork (= al pastor) - Camaron/Shrimp - Birria/Seasoned Beef - Chorizo/Sausage - Lengua/Beef Tongue - Cachete/Beef Cheek (particularly juicy and delicious) - Carne Molida/Ground Beef - Tripas/Tripe

Salsas and tortilla chips (circular and not fresh fried, unfortunately) are complimentary. Horchata is a good way to rehydrate after biking out here. Menudo is served Saturday and Sunday.

As for the meat market, it is extensive and affordably priced. This would be a good place for the Mexican specialties that are harder to find in Davis, such as goat meat and Oaxacan string cheese.


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2008-09-07 13:37:15   Great tacos. I bike out to Winters from Davis and make this my break spot before heading back to Davis. They also serve beer for about $3/bottle and have vegetables for sale in the back. —ChristianM