725 East Street, Woodland, CA
8am-8pm (7:30am-7pm on Sundays)
(530) 668-9730

El Torito Meat Market is a butcher shop.


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2010-05-27 16:39:57   This place is a meaty little paradise, a real gem, and a secret I shouldn't be sharing with the rest of Davis. We looked all around for the best carniceria and this was it! One pound won't be enough, so order at least a couple or more pounds of the top sirloin or the arrachera (if they have any left), and be sure to get it seasoned, and you'll have some awesome carne asada. We grill it for about 2-3 minutes per side. You don't get much better than this. They also have super cheap and good tacos. Don't feel bad about going in there and acting like a total gringo, I do it all the time. Sometimes there is a line for the meat counter, definitely worth waiting a few minutes.

You can also grab some Tapatio for the road, last time I went there it was 2/$1 of the small bottles.

If anyone has any more information on what the various cuts of beef and other meat available are specifically for, please share that information along with some good recipes. —GarrettGallegos