Electric Trike Guy

The Electric Trike Guy has been seen in all parts of Davis, but is more often spotted in Mace Ranch. He seems to wear the same clothes and cap regardless of the weather.


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2009-09-15 11:42:39   Electric trike guy lives near Chestnut park, and can sometimes be rolling slow when his cart is dying, or pushing it when it finally has. —StevenDaubert

  • Kind of disturbed why this guy is being spotlighted-he may simply have a physical disability that requires him to use this cart. —PeterBoulay
  • not really, keep your political correctness on the East coast where it belongs. Dude is seen throughout town constantly and I'm sure people wondered. I just shared my dealings with him via this tool of collaborative authorship Daubert
    • Really Daubert, you have dealt with him? Could you tell us his name? Thanks. —NickSchmalenberger

2011-12-09 09:43:18   Didn't his trike used to have an awning? Striped red and white? It was quite delightful! —BonnieStewart

Especially when the weather outside was frightful! —TomGarberson

I have a couple photos of him in traffic, I have been meaning to interview him Daubert

"2011-12-09 12:04" The comments here-in have made my morning Brenton