This page is for discussing the contents of Electric Trike Guy.

I know we already have a Talk page for Town Characters. But there has also been the suggestion that we should take these on a case-by-case basis, and this page seems to be one that people find more problematic than others. I think I share that view. So, for the defenders of the Electric Trike Guy page, I'd like to ask just what makes this guy a "town character"? He looks like a guy who has been able to find a way to get from point A to point B, and compared to a lot of other vehicles I've seen in town, this one isn't even all that unusual. And the page doesn't really even say very much. So, what's the point? (I realize that some of you have stronger objections to the page, and I am sympathetic to those. Here, though, I am just trying to ask, even for those who think the Town Characters pages are OK, does this one really measure up??) —CovertProfessor

This was my comment to EdWins: Yeah, if we did find out his name and it turned out to be interesting, then that could be a good page. I realized though that the times I noticed him/the trike, the trike was the most memorable and unusual part for me. Maybe it was because I lived near Chestnut Lane and often saw it parked without him, so I actually saw the trike more than the guy. I think it also used to have a little canopy with a fringe? Anyway, that was just my view and I thought if others shared that the page might take that turn but maybe not.

So if we knew the guys real name that could be a good start, or something about his vehicle, but as it is its kind of like the rudeness of just pointing at somebody. Slam books reinforce cliques by emphasizing differences between their subjects and authors, even if its not actually negative. -NickSchmalenberger

I guess what I'm trying to say, Nick, is that even if we knew the guy's name, it's a pretty lame page. IMO. (aside from other concerns we might have with it). —cp

I also have no idea why the presence of the person's name (or lack thereof) is being discussed. —WilliamLewis

But do you agree that the page is lame? Or do you think there is something of value in it? If so, what? —cp

I'm undecided on the page. All I know is that I've seen that trike around the neighborhood a lot and a picture of that needs a home on the wiki, someplace. It's a part of living in East Davis. —WilliamLewis

Do we have a page documenting all of the unusual vehicles in Davis? (Surely we must — if we don't, we need one). The picture could go on a page like that. —cp

Yeah, exactly. This was my original intention of renaming it to Yellow Electric Trike and linking it from Unique Vehicles. -NickSchmalenberger

Talk page has been inactive more or less since last August. Move to delete talk page with no further action, unless anyone else has further issues to discuss. —JT

  • Disagree. The fact that there has been no recent discussion is irrelevant. The issue is unresolved and future discussion might find the above helpful rather than reinventing the wheel. —cp