EV Parking & Charging at E Street Plaza Charging Location 4th & G Parking Garage

Electric Vehicles Charging in the City of Davis appears to lean towards Free in Downtown. Locations such as Target seem to be less than friendly. UC Davis requires parking permits to use the chargers from Chargepoint. Use of these Chargepoint chargers is free. You just need to start a free membership with them and get a access card or use their free smartphone app to charge your car. 

Downtown Davis

Fantastic support for Electric Vehicle Charging at current. Present indicators are leaning towards high adoption of PHEV and EV leading to needing further infrastructure.

Current Chargers * E Street Parking 32A Clipper Creek Charger * Parking Garage 4th 32A and 70A Both Clipper Creek

  • Note: Security is taking aggressive action to notify people hang up charging cables, not park more than needed to charge to allow others to charge.


Target seems to have taken the approach of not care. Charging stalls are marked both EV Only and Alternate Fuel, this leads to further confusion on parking.

Unclear if Target's motives are to suppress electric vehicles. As of December 23rd Target seems to have nonfunctional chargers. Their suppressive fire is getting stronger.

Recent indications show Less Care EV & Hybrid Parking Mess

UC Davis

Official UC Davis vehicles (and vehicles on official UC Davis business, such as people loading materials in and out of campus) can drive and park on campus. There is a hydrogen station; is there a charging station? Does UC Davis have electric vehicles?

SAE J1772

SAE J1772 connector is standard in Davis

Clipper Creek: Lights illuminate that indicate charging status, if full Charging Light is Dark it will do no harm to unplug vehicle that has completed charging. Unplugging allows the 22ft cord supplied to reach adjacent stalls if people are not courteous. Chevrolet Volts, Alarm may sound for 30 seconds if unplugged. Courtesy extends to person who unplugs, please leave contact information if it offends owner they can notify you. Current supply of chargers dictates that not all vehicles can charge that need leading to shortage.