Elle Segal is a candidate for the ASUCD Senate with L.E.A.D. running in Winter 2009 ASUCD election.

Candidate Statement and Activities

Vote Elle #1 for ASUCD Senate! Hey there! My name is Elle Segal and I want you to vote for me for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2009 election on February 18th through 20th. I’m really excited to help serve you, the students of UC Davis. I greatly appreciate your support!


About Me: Hey guys! My name is Arielle Segal, but everyone calls me Elle. I am a second year psychology and anthropology double major at UC Davis. I was born and raised on the east coast and moved to Irvine when I was a freshman in high school. One of the ways I made friends and got involved in high school was various clubs on campus, ranging from Model United Nations, to Environmental Club. My involvement in high school lead me to accomplish many things I am proud of, such as co-founding walk to school day at my high school, which this past year went district wide! My experiences as a freshman at Davis in ASUCD Lobbycorp,and Greek life continued to build on my previous experiences and leadership skills.

Experience: Internal Director of ASUCD Lobbycorp Public Relations Director of Panhellenic Member of Greek Conduct Board Member of City of Davis Student Liaison Commission Member of Kappa Alpha Theta Employee/Student Representative for City of Irvine


BIKE SAFETY I want to coordinate with bike shops in Davis to provide discounted bike lights to freshman upon checking into the dorms. This will encourage the use of bike light for students from the beginning of their college experience here at Davis. Coupons will be given to students, which will encourage them to go to the store and see what other options are available like rear lights and baskets etc. This year I have noticed more police officers ticketing bikers and this would encourage students to follow the law, and thus prevent them from getting a ticket. I would also advise students to remove bike lights from their bikes when not in use which would prevent theft because many freshman purchase bike lights only to have them stolen and never replaced.

ARC IMPROVEMENT I want to work with the ARC and the computer labs on campus to make the computer center at the ARC both more reliable and publicized. Currently, many of the computers are slow and there is no printer and I want to fix that and make the ARC an alternative to the MU computer lab on campus. Also, with the COHO renovation beginning soon, I want to make the ARC the new place to hang out on campus. Starbucks will be opening there soon and there are study rooms available. The ARC is the activities and recreation center and it should provide many different activities for students. There are many simple ways to improve the ARC. For example, instead of paper towels and spray to sanitize the machines after use, getting clorox wipes put in the gyms to improve sanitation efforts.

ADVOCACY As mentioned earlier, I am currently a director of ASUCD Lobbycorp and want to use my experience lobbying in the capital to encourage other groups to take advantage of our close distance to the capital. I will work to continue to advocate for students in the capital and educate students on tuition increases and cuts in funding on campus. Lobbycorp should hold training sessions for various groups on campus through the outreach assembly, so that groups can learn the necessary skills to advocate for their own interests at the capital. There is such a diverse group of students and organizations present on campus and all of them have unique issues that need to be addressed. In such pressing times, with higher student fees, and dramatic budget cuts, students need to feel able to address legislators that distribute funds and lobbycorp can help them do that.

SANITATION I want to add hand sanitizers to many of the popular eateries, and hang out spots on campus such as the coffee house, silo and ARC.

RECYCLING As some of you may know, as an individual you are able to turn in your recyclables to the recycling center and receive money. I want to investigate the recycling process on our campus and see if students are benefiting from recycling and if we as students could possibly reap the benefits of money made off recycling.

I would love to earn your vote for senate! Please message me or write on the group wall because I want to include YOUR ideas as students in my platform and campaign. Thanks and I look forward to working with all of you!


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2009-01-24 16:30:43   Impressive resume, unfortunately her platform is not on par.

For example: Member of City of Davis Student Liaison Commission

The only Davis-UCD platform issue being proposed is a bike coupon program. I think there are a lot of better ideas than bike coupons.

Often it is the case that we chose senators not via their platforms but for the qualities of the candidate. She certainly has a lot of good qualities and the diversity of someone raised in the East Coast can only benefit the senate. —GregWebb

2009-01-25 01:13:28   Well Greg she has a wealth of experience and a particular skill set, as you've said in regards to her resume. You're right, her platform only has one UCD-Davis issue, but her campaign platform does mention a lot about advocacy at the capital. She has the record and experience to advocate and she's focusing on budget cuts, an issue that we need all hands on deck to come out OK in this economy. Greg, you're talking a lot about what she isn't advocating for and overlooking what she plans to do. —JackZwald

  • I agree, I should have made a proper review of all of her qualifications. To elaborate, her position in a city commission was most impressive to me and I'm slightly disappointed that she has a lack of city-university proposals...perhaps they will come late though. Advocacy is very important, and to be quite frank with you Jack...LEAD candidates are almost always better in advocacy issues. I guess my priorities are a little different. GregWebb