175 Walnut St., Woodland
Business line: (530) 661-6336
Crisis lines: (530) 662-1133, (916) 371-1907

Mission Statement (from the web site): To eliminate sexual assault and domestic violence through sensitive prevention, intervention, and treatment.

Description (from the web site): The Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center has been serving Yolo County since 1977 with a wide range of services. We offer a 24-hour crisis line, a battered women's shelter, Latina Outreach Program, counseling and support groups, child sexual abuse treatment program, community education and outreach program, Concerned Advocates Responding to Emergencies (C.A.R.E.), and assistance with Temporary Restraining Orders.

Other local resources for women seeking protection or assistance include:

The center for battered women and children periodically recruits full-time advocates for its clients; applicants must be sensitive, patient, dependable, and caring. Volunteers are always needed to assist with office duties and help program coordinators.


  • 24-Hour Crisis Line
    • Emotional support and information and referral for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Best way for victims to begin receiving services. Shelter screenings can be done over the phone in only a few minutes. Staffed by SADVC staff and trained volunteers around-the-clock.
  • Concerned Advocates Responding to Emergencies (CARE):
    • Advocacy for victims of sexual assault, including hospital and court accompaniment.
  • Shelter:
    • Emergency shelter which includes twelve to fourteen weeks of comprehensive programs for battered women and their children.
  • Counseling and Support Groups:
    • Peer counseling, support groups, and short-term individual counseling for children and adults. Ongoing support groups are offered for battered women and adult sexual assault survivors.
  • Alternatives to Violence Program:
    • A 52 week program which teaches anger management and also breaks the controlling behaviors which drive people to have a battering personality.
  • Community Education and Outreach Programs:
    • Presentations on domestic violence, sexual assault, and dating violence are offered to schools, businesses, organizations, and community groups.
  • Latina Outreach Program:
    • Bilingual crisis counseling and awareness education programs for the Latino community.
  • Teen Outreach Programs:
    • Information and presentations focused on dating violence, rape/sexual assault and personal responsibility. Presentations provide information on where to go for help if you have been assaulted and how to reduce your risk of being assaulted.
  • Legal Advocacy Program:
    • Assistance in obtaining restraining orders, including legal advocacy and accompaniment to court.
  • Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT):
    • Advocacy for victims of domestic violence, including court accompaniment.


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2011-04-10 12:48:29   Just called their crisis line. A woman named Angie answered the phone, and I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like she's completely unsuited for her job. I didn't feel like she sympathized with my situation, and (even though I know this sounds unreasonable, which it very well may be) she was way to cheery/peppy/happy. I wish she would understand that we're calling because we have a serious, out-of-our-control situation on our hands and need help. And fuck their "corporate questionnaire"; is that all the operators ever care about? —miniaggie