1791 Oak Avenue Suite B
across the street from Davis Senior High School
in the Oak Avenue Professional Complex
By Appointment

As of May 2010 Dr. Halle has retired and left his practice in the hands of Dr. Penn.

Dr. Halle only does Endodontics (root canals and the like). He is a friendly man in his later years that likes to ask if everything is alright. Some people say he resembles the actor William H. Macy.

Enborg Halle, DDS and Steven E. Penn, DDS share an office.

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2006-06-20 09:58:31   Dr. Halle & his staff were great. I had a root canal done recently at his office and he was very patient, understanding and friendly. I felt no pain while he was performing the root canal. I would deffinately reccomend him to someone who needs a specialist (endodontist). —JenMichaelis

2007-01-19 14:17:30   I also had a good experience at this endodontist. I actually saw his partner whose name is Penn I think. Although no root canal is good, he was professional, and seemed to listen to my concerns. Some doctors get annoyed with lots of questions which can be a sign of insecurity about one's proficiency. Dr Penn answered all my questions, and made me feel at ease about the procedure. —MichaelNicholas

2008-05-30 15:16:06   Highly recommend. I've had lots of dental work by different practitioners and he is the most gentle and kind dentist I've been to. I just had a second root canal and I had no pain except that initial injection which he warns you about and apologizes for. He frequently checked me to see how I was doing. I almost went to sleep. The other staff there are super too - kind and professional. —lmusser