WHAT A CUTIE This is her mugshot

Endora used to be called Enduro when she belonged to someone else, but her new owners didn't have an extreme interest in rock climbing, so they renamed her. She lives with the Z twins: Sharon and Amy. And Davis Coeds Scotty too. Seeing as Endora was adopted from Sharon's old roommate Vineta she belongs to Sharon.

After Endora's sister Delores passed away in November of 2004 and after Po passed away in March of 2005 Sharon and Amy decided that they would share Endora. Endora got a new roommate named Petunia in April.

Sadly, Endora passed away on October 30, 2005.


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2004-12-18 13:02:17   i like endora, and i like po and i really like delores but i think that at some point or another they've all peed on me :( - KristenBirdsall

2004-12-18 13:02:35   RIP Delores - KristenBirdsall

2005-03-22 22:13:52   That is one of the most mouse-like rats Sarah and I have ever seen, and as mouse owners, that's a compliment. Very cute pictures. —JabberWokky