The Environmental Design program has been renamed the Design Program and moved to the College of Letters and Science.

Design has been taught at Davis for over 35 years. Design is the activity that merges technology with social, cultural, and economic factors to create the things we use every day. The teaching program presents students with the many options available in design professions through experimentation in several areas of design with focused development in a specific track selected by the students.

The Design Program offers four emphasis areas:

  • Visual Communication
    • Including graphic, two-dimensional and multimedia design.
  • Interior Architecture
    • Incorporates interior design, furniture, and lighting design.
  • Fashion and Textiles
    • Merges fashion design with a study of textile technology.
  • Comprehensive Design
    • Provides a broad experience in all the emphasis areas.

All areas of study incorporate the history and theory of design as well as an exploration of social and environmental issues related to design. Students will be introduced to "hands on" and computing skills in all course work. The department has dedicated studios and computer labs where projects can be constructed in a very collaborative environment. Creativity, development of thoughtfully developed ideas, and the ability to communicate design concepts are the talents and skills that are encouraged in the Design Program.