Erin Harrington is a 4th year Economics and International Relations double major who is ran with LEAD in the Fall 2007 ASUCD Election for ASUCD Senate. During that election he failed to win an office. He was an ASUCD Business and Finance Commissioner for a year, an intern for the Student Assistants to the Chancellor, a member of the Student Faculty Relations Committee, a member of the Davis Honors Challenge, and just came back from studying welfare and pension policies in Copenhagen for a year.

Fall 2007 Election

Erin's Platform

  • Assist the ASUCD Outreach Assembly in creating an online campus events calendar for student groups
  • Work with Aggie sports teams to outreach to high school sports teams

Fall 2007 Candidate Statement

"Hey all! My name is Erin Harrington and I’m running for ASUCD Senate with LEAD this fall. I’m a 4th year double majoring in economics and international relations, a former ASUCD Business and Finance Commissioner, and I have recently finished a year studying European finance policies in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am excited for the chance to make Davis an even better campus than it already is.

The first thing I would want to see accomplished is getting the students more involved on campus. I would hope to publish a monthly calendar that lists events and meetings of various groups on campus. This calendar would be made easily accessible, so all students would need to do is pick one up every month and find what interests this most. Everyone has their own passions and interests, this calendar just helps students do what interests them the most.

Another issue that I would work on would be providing outreach to kids around the area. I would be working on a ‘personalized’ day for these kids. Through the help of Aggie Pack, we would bus students up for the day and give them a tour of campus. The personalization comes in by doing things that may interest them. For example, we may take a middle school sports team and have them practice with our college sports team later on that day. Having these outreach days would both increase Davis’ visibility and provide these kids with an opportunity that they would never otherwise have.

I hope you all can see the passion I have for this campus. Between being a 4th year and having studied in Europe, I believe I have a fresh perspective that I can bring to campus. Thank you for reading this, and please vote Erin Harrington as your #1 choice for senate this fall, and remember to rank the other LEAD candidates #2-#6."


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2007-10-18 22:53:19   One of Erin's platform issues is something along the lines of "a club calendar" which reminded me so much of my good friend Joseph Bleckman. Anyways, this guy knows what's up and is an awesome candidate. —GregWebb

2007-10-19 10:02:14   Mr. Harrington is business minded, student oriented, and one of the friendliest people I know. —DanXie

2007-11-12 18:26:09   This student knows how to get things done and is very goal-oriented! GO ERIN! —ArianeMetz