A wide array of ethnic groceries can be bought near and in Davis, but the stores are rather spread out.




Middle Eastern










There are a large number of Chinese- and Vietnamese-owned restaurants/markets in south Sacramento on Stockton Blvd. between Fruitridge Rd. and Florin Rd. The area is about 20 miles away from Davis but there is also a Costco further south on Stockton Blvd. to make it worth your while. A few of these markets as well as other Asian grocers are listed below.

  • 99 Ranch Market (4220 Florin Rd. Sacramento)
  • Asian Food Center (1301 Broadway Sacramento, 916-448-0887) - veggies are fresher and cheaper than the bigger stores due to higher turnover I believe
  • Gold Star Supermarket (5815 Stockton Blvd. Sacramento)
  • Khan Hing Supermarket (6418 Stockton Blvd. Sacramento)
  • SF Supermarket (6930 65th St. #123 Sacramento)
  • Tian Ran Tea (inside 99 Ranch Market at 4220 Florin Rd. Sacramento) - for a wonderful variety of teas, teaware, and free tea tastings
  • Wing Wa Supermarket (6021 Stockton Blvd. Sacramento)
  • Opposite the Sacramento Farmers Market (5th & Broadway [Sunday]) there is a smaller market that sells Asian veggies, tofu, even chicken & eggs.



The local large Korean American community is centered near Rancho Cordova (Bradshaw & I-50). Several Korean-owned markets are in that area.

  • Koreana Plaza Market (10971 Olson Drive, north on Zinfandel, right on Olson) - large and wonderful. supermarket +
  • Smile Food Mart Smile Food Market (2948 Bradshaw Rd, north on Bradshaw) - small, crowded, funky
  • Kyopo Market (9531 Folsom Blvd, north on Bradshaw, left on Folsom) - have not been there recently
  • Jin Mi Foods (9235 Folsom Blvd, north on Bradshaw, left on Folsom) - take out food, including dduk
  • Asian Food Mart (9345 La Riviera Dr, corner w/ Folsom Blvd, next to Jin Mi) - medium sized, well established.
  • Oriental Food (9180 Kiefer Boulevard, south on Bradshaw, then turn on Keifer) - never been there


Closer to South Sacramento and Elk Grove are more Filipinos and thus more Filipino stores and eateries. Off of the West Mack Blvd exit will be a bunch of Filipino stores including an international market.


Middle Eastern

Eastern European


  • Europa Food Market
  • Koreana Plaza Market (10971 Olson Drive, Rancho Cordova; exit north on Zinfandel, right on Olson) - that's right, it's a Korean market but it also has Russian/Ukrainian beers, breads, meats, pickles, kefir, and etc.



Latino and South American


  • County Square Market — Large Asian supermarket in Vacaville. Wide variety of produce and groceries; greasy, sweaty take-out food offered. Large seafood department with live animals (frogs too). I only go for the produce, soft drinks and junk food. You can get all kinds of things here that you can't really find anywhere, such as fresh jackfruit, frozen durians, hello kitty/ grumpy cat affiliated drinks and many different flavors of ice cream (coconut sport, lychee, etc).