Evan Rothstein was a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2013 ASUCD Election running on the BEST slate.

Candidate Statement

Hey Aggies! My name is EVAN ROTHSTEIN; I'm a second year transfer economics major, intern to senator Maxwell Kappes, and president of Muggle Quidditch at UC Davis. I am running for senate on the BEST slate because I believe I can make ASUCD incrementally better.

I believe every student has the right to be represented at the table. I believe clubs should be in the senate's consciousness. And I believe in keeping UC Davis a leader on environmental issues.

The Associated Student of UC Davis (ASUCD) is the largest 'club' on campus, with every single undergrad paying $123 in membership dues per year. ASUCD's mission is to enrich the student experience. It runs dozens of services from Unitrans to the CoHo and is the largest employer of undergraduate students on campus.

But ASUCD is only as good as its leaders.

Spring is budget season for ASUCD senate. It is vitally important to have someone who is financially literate and willing to maximize the efficiency of every dollar spent – all 11 million of them. That's me.

A few years ago, the leadership of Entertainment Council (EC), with the help of Electronic Music for Change (EMC), hosted popular raves every quarter. If elected, my first priority will be to BRING BACK THE RAVES.

My second priority will be to bring modern mobile payments to campus. The modern credit card came into existence in the 1960's, yet wasn't accepted in the CoHo until the mid 1990's. Let's not wait 30 years before adopting the next big thing in payment systems: paying with your smartphone. It's time for UCD to get ahead of the curve on this. Not only will waving your smartphone at the register make lines move faster, but it will save countless trees by replacing paper receipts with digital ones. Efficiency and environmental win! I am in contact with the unit director of the CoHo, Darin Schluep, about brining mobile payments there.

Please vote me #1 for senate, fellow BEST candidates #2-5, and Paul Min & Sergio Cano for executive!

Endorsement Like Statements

"I first met Evan Rothstein back when I was both an ASUCD Senator and Manager at the Ben & Jerry's that used to be at the Davis Commons shopping center. Despite him being in high school at the time, he was very community orientated and politically aware. We had many discussions about improving the city of Davis and he even knew a surprising amount of things about what was going on on the UC Davis campus. This was quite a while ago, since I was a senator in 2005-06 so Evan nows possesses a good deal of institutional memory. I may be a political has-been but I believe that Evan will do a wonderful job representing the students of UC Davis. If I had a vote, I'd rank him number one." - Rob Roy


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2013-02-05 17:18:54   I heartily endorse this candidate for any office, ASUCD or not —StevenDaubert

2013-02-23 18:38:18   Real talk, if anyone deserved a seat this election, he should've. —RomanRivilis