Every 15 Minutes, someone dies as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol.

This is also the name of a yearly awareness program that occurs at many high schools throughout the country, including Davis Senior High School. At DSHS, it's tradition for a "DUI accident" to be staged outdoors, allowing students to see firsthand the carnage of mangled cars and resulting hysteria of the victims.

In 2010, the program brought in a helicopter to airlift a 'victim' in the community park to medical aid. The helicopter rescue is one of the more popular attractions and events hosted by the program, and the 'victim' actor is nearly always either involved in the school's student government programs, or won the helicopter ride as a prize from a fundraising raffle.

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When I was at DHS I recall one year every fifteen minutes they got on the PA and rang a gong, after a while it got really irksome Daubert

2010-05-26 19:32:53   My high school had this program too. I thought it was stupid and ineffective because the program basically targeted popular straight-A students, basically those that are the least likely to drink irresponsibly. The biggest screw-up with it was one of the volunteers who "died" was absent so some people thought she was actually dead. —hankim

At my school, the popular straight-A students were the ones most likely to drink irresponsibly :P