1766 East 8th Street
Next to Dollar Tree in the Davis Manor Center
Mon–Fri: 10AM–6PM
Sat: 9AM-5PM
(530) 759-2089

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Payment Methods
Cash and all major credit cards

Expressions Hair Design, is a one of many Beauty Salons and Barber Shops in Davis. It opened its doors in May of 2010.

They are hair care professionals dedicated to providing total customer satisfaction through innovative, high quality products (like Enjoy and Redken). They offer a variety of services that range from hair cutting, color services, texture services, up do's, perms, scalp treatments, hair extensions, and waxing.

They offer a private room for clients that do not wish to be viewed by others for personal or religious reasons.

All of Expressions Hair Design hair stylists regularly attend classes and shows to ensure they are up to date on the latest hair fashion and trends.

Full time Staff: Anamaria (Owner) former owner of Angie's Beauty Salon

Silvia, Sandra Vanessa, and Carol

Newest Staff as of 7/2016: Gabriela, Taylor , Lorena (Formally from Scissor Salon in Woodland) ,Juanita  and Nancy (Both f

ormally from A'bout with Hair in Davis)

Mela - Recently moved to Texas  and Rosie-Moved to Woodland

Exterior View 2012 Exterior View 2010-2011



Special Events: Hair, Makeup, Nails Up Do's Extensions Men and Women hair cuts Men hair cuts Children's Station Salon Hair Drying Station Waiting Area Hair! Color/Layers Highlights/Layers


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2010-05-31 18:08:16   I went to their Grand Opening and all I can say is FABULOUS! I am glad I found these girls again! I have been going to Anamaria, Silvia and Mela for years now and now and I am so glad I can keep going to them.

This is the most friendly salon I've been to in Davis, not pretentious, not full of hipsters, just a very welcoming atmosphere. The girls are absolute angels, I feel very comfortable with them and they always do exactly what I asked them to do. They don't improvise on my cuts and I'm so happy about that! I've had the worst luck with hair stylists so I am so happy that I found them again and I can keep going to them. Hopefully I've found my mainstay salon in Davis, I'll update after my next appointment. —LuisianaSalcido

2010-06-10 00:01:59   Is new salon on Davis my hair cut was only $13.00 dollars great hair cut students discount on Tuesdays is what i need !! —Sevastiancortez

2010-06-18 00:39:18   I went to expression's hair salon I really like my hair cut was only $17.00 :) —Juanhernandez

2010-06-18 16:15:41   Great new place, very airy! I had been seeing Anamaria at Angie's for 12 years. I love the way she cuts my hair. —AlisonKent

2010-06-28 22:39:26   Im so happy for this girls new place and they r great hair dresses they are cutting my hair 4 3 years I highly recommend this place. —joeny

2010-07-04 00:21:19   I love my hair color !!price $95 :0)! —hanna

2010-07-16 15:31:34   Alright, so this was my first "real" haircut [meaning I wasn't just "wanting a trim"] in Davis. I looked them up on Daviswiki and thought they had considerably good reviews so I went in [no wait, very accommodating]. The first thing I noticed: This is a primarily spanish-speaking organization. And there's nothing wrong with that. Except for the fact that I can hardly understand any of them through their accents and they talk most of the way through your hair cut. My hair is pretty long and VERY thick. I have a hard time trusting people to put layers in my hair because I usually walk away looking like a 5 year-old cut it. I expressed this to [Sylvia] and she assured me that she was comfortable cutting long hair and there would be no problem. When it was all said and done, the back of my head looked great! Layers were awesome! However, the front, the part of me people see THE MOST looked like she literally chopped hair off and called it a layer. I told her that I would be embarrassed to go outside looking like that. She was super nice though and really tried to make it look more natural but it didn't work out. Guess I'm just going to have to pin it back for a few months... =/ I give my experience a 4... —kpgoertz

2010-07-21 20:53:07   Anamaria, Sylvia and Mela have more than 14 years experience doing hair. They formerly were at Angie's Beauty Salon. Anamaria has been doing my hair for more than 14 years. I always get what I ask for. My highlights always turn out the way I want. I get a lot of complements from everyone. I get ask all the time when will they open a salon in Sacramento. Yes, I go to Davis to do my hair. No else knows how to treat my hair like Anamaria. I highly recommend Expressions Hair design. You will be happy to pick any of the girls, all three are good. This new place is very open and big. Lots of parking and you don't have to worry about getting a ticket. —atorres

2010-07-22 10:01:49   I have been a client of Anamaria for five years now and followed her from Angie's Beauty Salon to Expressions. In the past five years I have had many different cuts, styles, highlights, and colors. There is not a day that goes by that I do not recieve compliments on how beatiful my hair always looks. I would recommend Anamaria and Expressions Hair Design in Davis to everyone. Expressions Hair Design is the most friendly environment in the area and I enjoy going to the salon and visting with Anamaria, Sylvia and Mela. My time at the Salon is always relaxing and pleasant. Amanda Kostenko —AmandaKostenko

2010-08-05 16:23:17   I wanted a change so I went in and got my hair cut short and highlighted peekaboo style (super cute). It was kind pricey but not to bad! They did a fantastic job I am very please! My stylist was super sweet and funny so it made the experience pleasent especally because I was so nervouse about cutting my hair short but she baby stepped me throught the whole thing and I got a great cut. I was worried when I first went in because I read in one of the reviews that they had thick accents and I worried that I would have a hard time understanding them. Well I tied them out anyway and I have to say they speak good English and their accents were not bad at all. Anywho I had a good experience and I'm super glad I went in! Oh yeah and my stylist was anamaria : ) —JackieRodriguez

2010-11-07 15:47:40   Expressions Hair Design is Wonderful! The salon donated a gift bag to be raffled off in support of my sorority's (Sigma Pi Alpha) philanthropy. The gift bag came with a free haircut, hair products, fashion jewelry, and a really pretty scarf. It's always great when local businesses give back to the community. We've started referring friends to this salon and will continue to do so! Thank you Expressions for all your support! —HeatherRodriguez

2011-02-15 20:50:12   My hair was long I cut short for lock of love :)!!I love my short hair cut!! —tiffy23

2011-04-06 22:39:35   Men hair cuts yes and excellent cut! Price only 15.00 dollar ! you dont like to wait? make and app. e]Evebody is good. —loui

2011-09-06 22:35:43   Good hair cut ! Razor cut is my style and is hard to fine who do it I try this place and I like it,,,! —LuisL

2011-11-10 14:53:37   Rosie she has been cuting and taking care of my hair for a while. She is very good with highlights, she knows her stuff. I love my hair I love my hair color and cut and I certainly love my stylist Rosie.i highly recommend Rosie . —YeseniacRamirez

2012-02-08 12:17:24   This place was recomended to me by a friend. It was as a little hidden. I looked it up on line before I went.... I was looking for a bright red buliding. Turns out the building color has changed (its gray). My kids and I got a great cut at a resonable price. The place was nice and clean which is always nice. —AndrewBelding

2012-02-17 22:35:22   I am sorry if some of you have had a hard time finding the salon. I have just updated the page. I apologize to those of you who have had an unpleasant experience finding the place. I hope this helps. —Anavarro

2012-08-19 12:08:45   Expressions is getting bigger! We now have full nail, and eye extension services! Yay!!!! —Anavarro

2012-09-25 20:05:42   LOVE this place! came here for the first time today and had Mela as my stylist and she was great. i was nervous because i had never been and i was taking 6+ inches off my hair, but i gave her a picture of what i wanted and she cut it perfectly. she took the extra time to make sure that my new layers flowed well with the other colors in my hair so that it wouldn't look blocky and choppy. and you can't beat a 17 dollar price tag. will definitely be going here from now on! —Tay

2013-01-12 15:51:16   I just got my hair cut by Silvia and she did an AMAZING job. I have boy-short hair and it's easy for people to mess it up. I was pleasantly surprised to not only get a beautiful cut, but at $20 including shampoo/conditioning and a blow dry style. I was in and out in 25 minutes. I recommend Silvia to anyone! —SadieHutchison

2013-07-10 16:54:26   I have been going to Silvia and Annamaria for the past 15 years or so since I moved to Davis (they were originally with Angie's), other than a couple of 'emergency' haircuts (regretting both of them). I normally have Silvia cut and highlight my hair, but Annamaria did it equally as good today since Silvia was not there. And she even remembered my name :) I haven't had the other ladies cut my hair, but everyone that I have seen sitting in their chairs appear very happy with their outcome. Everyone there is always friendly and upbeat, their place is clean, bright and cheerful, and I have never received a bad haircut or highlight...ever. They are also very reasonably priced. I REALLY recommend this place. —mjbain

2015-01-27 03:19:29   Do NOT go to Carolyn. I had the worst haircut of my life by Carolyn and waited 20 minutes for a previously scheduled appointment. Not only did she butcher my hair and bangs with uneven layers but left me leaving the salon with part on wrong side, greasy hair product in my hair and flat-ironed after I specifically told her that I do not like product or flat irons. Carolyn is one of the owner's daughters but I don't think she is a qualified stylist based on the experience I had. —lcarlson