The External Representation Amendment was an ASUCD legislative Constitutional Amendment that was passed in the Winter 2009 ASUCD Election.

While the amendment does limit the authority of the ASUCD membership to institute new fees without the consent of the ASUCD Senate, the goal is not to concentrate power in the Senate. The intent is to prevent students from being locked into fees towards off-campus organizations that students will later decide they no longer support. Such situations have occurred at many campuses in the past, including UC Davis, and this measure seeks to give UCD students the flexibility to prevent such unfair fees in the future.

Text of the Measure

Please vote for one of the following options:

____ Yes, I approve of the External Representation Amendment

____ No, I do not approve of the External Representation Amendment

An act to create an article in the ASUCD Constitution that clarifies ASUCD's relations with external organizations and the terms of these relations.

BACKGROUND This Constitutional Amendment will clarify ASUCD's relations with external organizations in respect to membership dues. The purpose of this Constitutional Amendment is to protect ASUCD from external organizations seeking to collect membership dues through fee referendums. This Constitutional Amendment does not preclude membership into external organizations, but leaves it to the discretion of the ASUCD Senate as to whether or not ASUCD should fund membership.

Section 1. The ASUCD Membership hereby creates and adds Article VIII to the ASUCD Constitution as follows:


Section 1. (1) Fee referendums cannot be passed for dedicated fees towards membership dues for any external organization. Fee referendums may still be passed so long as they do not fund these membership costs. An external organization is any organization which operates outside of the jurisdiction of ASUCD and the UC Davis campus.

Section 2. (1) Section 1 does not preclude ASUCD from entering into membership with an external organization. The ASUCD Senate may still dedicate funding from the ASUCD General Fund towards the membership dues of these organizations at their discretion, as outlined in Article IV Section 5.


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2009-01-24 19:39:29   I think this is an important safeguard for the association. I would like to thank Yani, Zwald and Shannon for writing this and I hope we never rejoin UCSA again. —GregWebb