The Extreme Milk Duds Challenge is just one in the Extreme Food-Eating Challenge series (to be elaborated upon).


  • The objective of the game is to put a box (small box, duh.) of milk duds in your mouth, eat the milk duds, and spit out the box.


  • Two to four players


  • Milk Duds must be swallowed.
  • You cannot drop any box parts out of your mouth while there are still milk dud parts on them.
  • You cannot prohibit other players from eating (no punching, kicking, shoving, touching, etc..)


  • Pretty simple. Milk Duds Box goes in your mouth, only the box comes out. First player done is the winner.

Other Variations

  • There are this game can be played with anything else that comes in a small box. i.e.- Dots, Nerds. Anything you can think of.

These games are fun to play, especially when everybody's laughing and choking on boxes and their own spit. Even better to be a spectator.