Eye On Mrak (Fatal Laff) is one of The Eggheads on campus. It sits in front of Mrak Hall, and was placed there in 1994. The eye was originally placed to stare directly at the Chancellor's office, but the Chancellor has since moved.

This is the side facing away from Mrak hall and toward Shields Library.

This is the side facing Mrak hall.

View of Eye On Mrak during the spring with Mrak Hall in the background


He seems to have developed a bit of a cocaine addiction (06/23/05).

March 11th, 2008 around the time the ones in front of King Hall were going to be moved.


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2004-12-07 11:31:02   I never noticed the creepy and awesome eye on the back of this egghead. I have somthing of an obsession with creepy and oddly located eyes. This is now offically my favorite object on campus. - DanMasiel

2005-04-27 20:01:59   Leslie, my TA for AMS 21 (objects in every day life) maintains that the back side of the Eye on Mrak egghead was created by the artist to look like a wrinkly penis when viewed from the fourth floor of Mrak - apparently some sort of commentary on his feelings for the administration. I'm not sure if this is 100% true but Leslie claimed to have heard the rumor from a very reputable source. —AynReyes