26960 County Road 96
Helen Spangler
(530) 757-5370
School PTA

Located out in the middle of nowhere, this is as close as Davis gets to the concept of a one room schoolhouse (two classrooms). To get there, follow Russell Blvd. out about five miles west of town. It serves about 60 students in grades K-3. The sign out front states the school was established in 1866.

Fairfield School has received grants from the Davis Co-op Community Fund to plant school gardens and a lavender field. Parents are encouraged (required?) to volunteer at the school while their children attend. Though the school is intended to serve children living in rural Davis, they will accept town children if there is space. The waiting list to place a townie child at Fairfield is rumored to be years long.




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2007-07-20 13:43:38   Fairfield is a wonderful school that has made a tremendous difference in my son's development. Winning the lottery to get into Fairfield has truly been like "winning the lottery" to our family. Family participation is required, so there are extra adults around for kids that need more one-on-one and a whole field for a playground! I reccommend getting into the lottery if you have a child entering kindergarten! —JacqueDenton

2021-05-02 15:53:37   I went to this school from 1st through 3rd grade and I highly recommend it! Great setting, and I loved the one-room school feel. —Southbound