The Fall 2004 Election saw the creation of the Students for an Orwellian Society slate which was a precursor to Friends Urging Campus Kindness. Jonathan Leathers was the closest to winnning from SOSS. Keith Shively ended up being the only winning independent candidate as he was able to mobilize the campus conservatives and the Davis College Republicans. His campaign was managed by infamous campus conservative George Andrews. What is to note is the Spencer Higgins ran, as a first year, as an independent.

Controversy arose when Student Focus was accused of campaigning in the dorms. Freshmen came forward to say that Student Focus candidates had asked them to log on to the elections website and actually voted for them. While the entire Student Focus slate was accused only Sean Ruel and Nafeh Malik resigned leaving Brianna Haag the only elected Student Focus candidate. Furthermore, LEAD Senator Adam Barr resigned leaving three open spots. Student Focus ASUCD President Kalen Gallagher would later go on to appoint Cari Ham, Parisa Manteghi and Adam Gerber to the Senate. These appointments were controversial and eventually led to the passage of the countback amendment. The appointments only lasted until the Winter 2005 ASUCD Election, which would have 8 open Senate seats.

More controvery arose when the ASUCD Elections Committee edited the statement of the Students for an Orwellian Society. Even though Jon Leathers lost this election he continued his passion for reform and become the Chair of the Elections Committee and did not edit any candidate statements.

Senate Candidates


Student Focus

Students for an Orwellian Society



*Parisa Manteghi was not elected but was appointed Senator by ASUCD President Kalen Gallagher after the resignations of Sean Ruel and Nafeh Malik after the campaigning in dorms controversy. Adam Gerber** was the other Senator appointed. Parisa and Adam held their terms until the Winter 2005 ASUCD Election which had 8 open Senate seats.

**Kai Savaree-Ruess was thought to be the other choice to be appointed. However, due to the threats of some non-Student Focus Senators, Independent Adam Gerber was selected.

***The above appointments by ASUCD President Kalen Gallagher were the impetus for the authoring and passage of the Countback Amendment.