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PO Box 4704 Davis, Ca 95616-4704
[email protected]

The Feral Feline Organization (FFO) is a community non-profit group in Davis. We are dedicated to helping the lives of feral cats. As you have most likely seen, feral cats live in large groups called colonies. There are many of these colonies here in Davis. Feral cats often live short and difficult lives. Females will give birth to multiple litters per year, and diseases run rampant. Our primary goal is to ease the lives of feral cats with three main objectives: Trap Neuter and Return, Adoption of formerly feral kittens, and Raising Awareness of the feral cat population.

Trap Neuter and Return (TNR)

Many studies have shown that TNR of feral cats is an effective measure of population control. This is opposed to outright killing of feral cats. Often times when a group of cats is eliminated from an area, new ones will move right in. This is what is known as the vacuum effect. This does not occur with TNR. Cats are trapped in humane box traps, spayed or neutered and then returned to their home colony. Newcomers rarely move in because of the cats' fierce territoriality. With the breeding cycle stopped, and no new cats coming into the colony, feral cat numbers decrease.

Some people disagree with the Return part of TNR. Feral and domestic cats are non-native species that contribute to the loss of local wildlife populations. While it is true that cats are predators that hunt local wildlife, supporters of TNR respond that the main loss of life is due to habitat destruction caused by humans.

Our feral cats are hungry - if you have any unwanted bags of food (opened is fine) or just enjoy buying cat food, send us an email and we will happily accept.

Fostering and Adoption

We are always looking for foster homes for our cats. The more foster homes we have the more cats we can rescue. We have adult cats, young cats, and kittens in need of foster homes. Some are semi-feral and need socialization and others are completely tame and just need some love. Unlike their parents, feral kittens can be tamed and can become normal, loving housecats with the proper attention.

If you are looking to adopt, all of our cats and kittens can be seen at our website, or on their wiki page They are also brought to PetsMart on Sunday (check the online calendar) of each week. The adoption fee is $65. This includes the spaying or neutering of the kitten, vaccines, and microchipping.


Upcoming and Ongoing Events

Our next volunteer meeting will be in February, we will update this when it is officially scheduled.

We are always at PetsMart in Natomas (Truxel exit off I-80) on Sundays from 10:00am-4pm. Here you will find many of our cats and kittens that are available for adoption.

Saturday Farmer's Markets are not a guarantee, as it depends on member availability. If you go and we aren't there, just have some kettle corn, and maybe a cinnamon roll. It will make the trip worth it.

Volunteers Needed!

The FFO is always in need of foster homes for our kittens and cats. We need helping with trapping of the ferals (no experience needed, we will teach you) and driving them to and from the vet. In addition we need volunteers at our adoption event and eventually at our Farmers Market Info Booth. If you are interested please call or e-mail us right away!

Media Coverage

Additional Resources

Cat Adoption/Rescue Groups

  • Field Haven (Lincoln, CA) - (530) 434-6022
  • Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary (Sacramento) - (916) 556-1155
  • Rescuing Animals In Need (Sacramento) - (916) 492-7977
  • Yolo SPCA (Woodland) - (530) 758-7722
  • Yolo County Animal Services (Woodland) - (530) 666-5287
  • Sacramento SPCA - (916) 383-7387
  • Sacramento Animal Care - (916) 264-7387
  • Sacramento County Animal Care - (916) 368-7387
  • El Dorado Animal Control (Placerville) - (530) 621-5795
  • Placer County SPCA (Roseville) - (916) 782-7722
  • Placer County Animal Services (Auburn) - (530) 889-7315
  • Sacramento Area Animal Coalition - (916) 808-7729
  • Alley Cat Allies

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics

  • Animal Birth Control and Health (Citrus Heights) - (916) 344-8765
  • Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode - (530) 642-CATS
  • Animal Spay and Neuter Clinic (Auburn) - (530) 889-8800
  • Franklin Animal Hospital (Sacramento) - (916) 452-5443
  • Sacramento SPCA Spay and Neuter Clinic - (916) 383-7387 ext 9122
  • Home Pet Care (Davis) - (530) 753-1763


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