Fitness trails are hiking or biking paths punctuated by spots to stop and perform different types of exercises. Some trails exist in use but not on paper (so to speak) and others are designed and built with metal and cement. They typically consist of stretches of trail that you can run, walk, or bike and stations at which you can do things like stretching, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.

Fitness trails are a great alternative to the sweaty, preening, sausage-festival of the Rec Hall. So if you're not worried about being seen exercising and you prefer the open-air, try one out.

Davis Trails 

Map of parks in Davis 

Equipment Trails

These are city or neighborhood funded trails with actual equipment for things like pull-ups or sit-ups.

Ad Hoc Trails

Just as people have developed a fantastic unofficial frisbee golf course on campus, there are probably similarly existing fitness trails. Since these trails don't need to be generalized for old and young use, they might be far more grueling or less intense than than the equipment trails.

  • Covell Drainage Channel Trail - no equipment stations, but nothing's stopping you from push-ups and sit-ups
  • (please list yours, or one you know of, here)