Where to get your flu shot before the seemingly annual Great Flu Panic. This year's flu vaccination protects against H1N1 as well as several other flu strains.

The 2015-2016 flu vaccine includes protection for H1N1 as well as H3N2. People are advised to get the flu vaccination every year since protection is assumed to wear off after several months.

In late September 2011, a new less painful flu shot was made available. It uses a much smaller and much more painless needle. However, this smaller needle was simply a fad and is no longer offered.

There are preservative-free vaccines that are designed to contain no mercury or such small amounts that it is negligible. The preservative used in some flu vaccines contains small amounts of mercury. A normal flu shot normally contains about the same amount of mercury as a serving of tuna. You can always ask for a preservative-free (mercury free) single dose flu shot which is now very common. Mercury was removed from most other adult vaccinations and children's vaccinations years ago due to unfounded fears of autism.

The flu vaccine is available in a nasal spray version. This version contains no mercury and is sprayed into the nose with no needles.

Even if you've already had the previous H1N1 vaccine, the current vaccine includes protection for the current year 2015-2016 and H1N1:

Flu Vaccination

Call for an appointment at the Student Health & Wellness Center. Second floor Specialty Clinic. (injectable & intranasal (nasal spray) vaccine available)

Cost of Seasonal Flu Vaccination Flu Shot (Injection) or FluMist (Intranasal Vaccine):

(Fees will be billed directly to a student's campus account.)

  • SHIP members receive vaccination at no cost after billing to Aetna Student Health

Many other Pharmacies usually give flu vaccines. Call ahead to see if it is in stock.

I suggest keeping an eye on Yolo County Press Releases

This is still a hard question. At least the first link below is finally working thanks to Google.


http://www.findaflushot.com/ CVS and Rite Aid have had shots available in the past. Safeway usually does not offer flu shots since there are no Safeway pharmacies in Davis. However, Safeway pharmacies in other cities do offer flu shots and Safeway sometimes holds flu shot clinics on a walk-in basis.


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2009-10-07 06:32:36   Last weekend there was a county wide free clinic... Wish I would have seen this page before then, as I would have posted info about it. The county usually offers one every year (this year they offered one in both woodland and West Sac). —WesHardaker