757-A2 Russell Blvd , in the University Mall
5:30AM — 5PM approx.
Payment Method
Cash and Debit ONLY (49¢ surcharge)

The donuts are tasty. They offer all types of donuts (sugar, glaze, holes, twist), apple turnovers, and croissants as well as other pastries. Most pastries are under $1 each with donut holes being the cheapest at 15 cents each.

The Vietnamese sandwiches (Bánh Mì) are delicious. They consist of a toasted French roll filled with carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, mayo(?), hot sauce and a type of filling. There are three types of fillings for the Vietnamese sandwiches: Vietnamese Ham, Pork BBQ, and Tofu. The meat used in the barbeque pork sandwich is richly flavored. Remember to specify if you want hot sauce or not. Each sandwich cost $3.18 after tax. They offer a Vietnamese sandwich and Thai tea combo for $4.95.

Other items being sold are American sandwiches, chips, all types of drinks, coffee, and Thai ice tea with tapioca. There are some combo meals with sandwiches, chips and a drink so remember to ask. The menu on the wall says "BAGELS" but there are, in fact, no bagels.

Prices are low by Davis standards. Recommended. Also, perfect for all nighters. "If we stay up another hour we can get donuts."

The decoration is plain and a little outdated but is still a nice cozy shop. They offer free Wifi, carry a few newspapers and have a tv. There is an ATM inside of the store, and they can give you cash back if you are paying by debit, making it a rather inexpensive and yummy alternative to the usual withdrawal fees.

Though ownership has changed over the years, Fluffy's has been a Davis institution. Unsure when it opened, but it was originally in the space now occupied by Starbucks. Through frequent mall tenant turnover, Fluffy and the Grad have weathered the storm. Fluffy benefits from some reasonably high-volume customers, which may help explain their long-term success. They can be seen delivering sizable boxes of donuts each weekday morning to places like Saratoga West Apartments.

In the bad old days when the UC Davis campus had few police officers on campus at night, 5:30 AM used to be the best time to pull off any kind of mischief. That's because Fluffy was one of the few places to be open at 5:30 AM and patrolling all night tends to make one hungry.

Pac-Man History: Davis is considered by many as "the Pac-Man capitol of the world". The G.E.T. Pattern was invented at Fluffy's Donut & Sandwich shop. G.E.T. stands for George Huang, Ed Bazo and Tom Fertado. The pattern is a near perfect solution to all Pac-Man tables from the first apple through the Eight Key.


Tasty goodness @ 5:30 am by ForestNeel-Grant


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"5 am is the latest. I used to live across the alley at Sycamore Lane Apartments and could have probably thrown something at fluffy donuts from my porch. Oftentimes it would be open at 4am. However, this was under a previous owner. These days, it will very often be open at about 4:30 every day. The closing time is rather indeterminant. Usually about 4 or 5 pm on weekdays and about 2 on weekends. I recommend their apple fritters." -ChristopherMcKenzie

2005-10-13 17:02:56   Their Thai Ice Tea's are to die for, but I'd take Sunrise's sandwhiches over Fluffy Donuts anyday. —CarlosOverstreet

2005-11-06 22:09:27   the donuts are amazingly good and the owners couldn't be friendlier —JillWeinstein

2006-01-10 21:08:47   The gracious owners/operators of this fine establishment once warned a sleep deprived friend about his selection of doughnut. My friend choose the poor tasting doughnut aways after a moment of consideration much to his dismay. Despite the outcome, we both appreciated the effort made by the establishment. —JamesMouton

2006-01-11 21:27:06   Chocolate-iced krullers are awesome. Not too sweet, not too wet, not too eggy. —JudithTruman

2006-01-25 23:56:54   I <3 the 15 cent donut holes and sugar donuts. They've always been kind and courtesy to me. I like the BBQ pork sandwich also =D But I feel like they have their heater on a bit too high —JoAnnaRich

2006-03-24 19:51:18   I had their Vietnamese sandwich & Thai ice tea combo today. The sandwich was a little less flavorful than other Vietnamese sandwiches I've had. The Thai Ice Tea was adequate, but not memorable. Hardly "to die for". Just a cheap lunch. —SteveDavison

2006-04-23 22:30:25   The donut holes are delicious! The coffee isn't fantastic, but I like that there's a variety of brews. The boy who worked the cashier on Saturday is a smart little tyke. —JennaChan

2006-06-24 14:56:24   The american sandwich I ordered was on regular sliced bread and was around $4. Boo! The employees are very friendly though, and the iced mocha I ordered wasn't bad. I'll give them a second chance with their vietnamese sandwiches. —ErikStaab

2006-06-25 00:22:00   I worked at the original Fluffy's way back when. I think I made $1.89 per hour and worked the graveyard shift helping to make the donuts and serving students who studied there all night. This was when the place was open 24/7. We had farmer-types coming in at 5:00 am and I'd have to wake the students to tell them it was time to go home to clear the booths out for the morning crowd. The buttermilk donuts were the healthiest, the baker and I decided, because he would use fresh buttermilk in the batter before cooking it in the hot oil. —SharlaDaly

2006-08-06 12:35:02   The doughnuts are usually good, and the owners are very nice. I remember the male owner stepping in to help his wife with some difficult customers. He had pretty impressive control of the situation. The Vietnames sandwiches are okay. —MisterProfessor

2006-10-30 21:47:14   Their krullers. Best I've ever had —TheStomach

2006-11-10 21:27:06   Fluffy Doughnuts was the reason I left Krispy Kreme. Their chocolate-chocolate chip bar is a 1/4 lb of goodness. —ErwinSena

2006-12-12 01:58:53   the sandwich/thai tea combo is ok...they are really cheap with the meat and the portion is tiny but donuts are decent here —TerencePhan

2007-04-06 22:34:07   The Vietnamese sandwiches are worse than Sunrise's, in my opinion. However, the croissants... omg the croissants... I love them —ThuHo

I love going here when it opens at five in the morning, usually after a night of not sleeping. Some good memories of freshly fried goodness from this place. I the old fashioned, the blue berry ones are good too. Sandwiches are not great, but eh, I go here for the donuts. They give cash back as well when you use a card, it is nice, making it cheaper to get a cash here, with the surcharge, and a donut to boot instead of the on campus ATMs (especially if you use a non-local bank). Coolest memory is that at the end of the year (beginning of summer), I was there in the morning to be served by the owner's youngest son, the older was stocking, it was bemusing to say the least to have such great service from the kid, the owner and family is pretty awesome for this among other reasons. ~DavePoole

2007-08-26 01:23:02   Great place to eat. Vietnamese sandwiches are pretty good (and it's unfair to compare them to San Jose's sandwiches :P) and the Thai tea is quite tasty. Great place to go, but bring cash. —AlexanderHo

2007-09-08 10:03:03   I've had some good doughnuts here — a jelly doughnut with lemon filling and a buttermilk doughnut. Good flavor, not too greasy, not the best doughnuts I've ever had but pretty darn good. I wish, though, that they made doughnuts throughout the day and stayed open into the evenings, perhaps even 24-hour. —CovertProfessor

2007-10-20 20:32:55   I love fluffy donuts. As early as I can wake up any given day, they are open and ready for me. Fantastically friendly service, delicious donuts, sometimes warm . . mmm. If you live in Davis, you need to have Fluffy donuts in your life. —MissL

2007-10-28 23:19:34   I don't like their icing much, but their donuts are okay. Do they have fluffly cream filled ones (as opposed to the custard they call cream)? —AnnaF

2007-12-25 02:00:33   I stopped going to this place a long time ago when i got short-changed. Make sure you count your change. —mojo66

2007-12-25 09:16:08   Gee, mojo, maybe they made a mistake. People sometimes do. Merry Christmas. —DonShor

2008-03-23 18:33:39   Not a fan of the Vietnamese sandwiches. The doughnuts are damn good. Now that I live close to Fluffy, I'll definitely be visiting more often. —EmilyTung

2008-03-23 18:42:21   The donuts here are bigger than average. —JeremyOgul

2008-09-13 11:41:50   omg i love everything in the store, their sandwiches, coffee, and of course their donuts! The customer service is awesome! —mdataiko

2008-10-04 14:46:01   1pm on a Saturday in October 2008: Maybe only 1 dozen plain cake donuts left, but they were still fluffy and tasty! The Vietnamese sandwiches are now $2.50, but still not bad for a starving student. —froggyhi

2008-10-21 14:10:59   Oh yeah —ChrisWaterstraat

2009-05-04 16:48:32   Good donuts with decent prices, a pleasant experience. —thtly

2009-06-08 02:40:45   delicious donuts! they always taste fresh, and the owner(s) is/are generally very friendly. —shopaholic

2009-08-26 20:18:24   awesome doughnuts! friendly staff....terrible coffee! get the doughnuts there but then go to AMPM after for the coffee. —Pringlessong

2009-09-13 22:41:19   The owner is such a nice man. I came in once to buy a doughnut and found that I was a few cents short, but he gave it to me anyways and told me to come back another day when I had the change. Needless to say, I did. The donuts here are so good, my tummy smiles on the inside after I eat them. —kthrnngo

2009-11-11 11:25:45   This place is a Davis icon. —GJC02

2010-03-13 17:27:12   I really like Fluffy donuts....when they carry the donuts I like. They almost always seem to run out I want: glazed (raised, "the braid" and sometimes donut holes too) It's like crack: You're happy when you have it, you crash when you don't. —KimN.

2010-04-25 22:01:41   I love their Doughnuts. I've never been inside the shop, but my church, Davis Christian Assembly always gets a big box or two of them on Sundays. Fluffy Doughnuts are soooooo good! I love eating them every sunday morning. —BryceH

2010-05-26 16:56:24   I was craving a kruller. I haven't had a doughnut since middle school. I walked in, the owner was very courteous, and got myself a chocolate-iced kruller. This isn't the craving talking: Absolutely delicious!! lol :) —kg18

2010-05-26 17:32:46   Croissants and the donuts are always solid (in a non literal sense)—StevenDaubert

2010-06-20 05:07:00   Sandwiches are sriracha in a pure an unadulterated form. Donuts are fluffy as expected and when combo'd with a thai ice tea and a sandwhich, you start to wonder why Fluffy isn't as popular as Burger King. —oxnardmalfoy

2010-07-30 19:39:51   The owner is so friendly and their donuts are pretty good. I have never eaten cake donuts before because I always thought that they'd be too dry, but Fluffy's powdered sugar coated one has turned me into an addict. Even the ones covered in chocolate and sprinkles tasted better than I imagined. Even their normal donuts are extraordinary. Doughnut holes, glazed, sugar-coated, you name it, are all made to the best amount of fluff and sweetness. I'd work here for free if they taught me how to create such perfection. —DavisFoodie

2010-11-07 22:01:25   Tried their Vietnamese sandwich today. Bread was not very good and neither was the meat. Their donuts are pretty good though. —hankim

2011-02-27 07:30:36   Had to buy some donuts the other day and my wife asked me if they give you a "baker's dozen". It appears they do not, at least not for my 2 dozen purchase. I never thought about it and have been going to Fluffy's since 77. —RichardL

2011-07-27 23:33:34   They have the sweetest customer service! —stephaniesun

2011-08-08 12:30:18   Used to love coming to the old location for doughnuts and Icees after soccer games. Sugar + sugar, a magical combination for kids. —OldDavis73

2012-03-28 18:26:16   their donut holes are delcious when fresh! awesome customer service. they ran out of holes today (arrived around 4pm), and he let me try one of the day old ones to see if I wanted to purchase them for half off. thought it was nice of him to let me try it out. i definitely want to come back for more. —SaThai

2012-05-20 17:04:49   I love this place. Great stuff at great prices. If only they were open 24 hours and had bigger coffee mugs... —MilesThomas

2013-03-23 14:33:55   The donuts are a little bit high, but they are the best in town. The bahn mi sandwiches are also solid, and for $3 you can't go wrong. —ScottB

2019-07-03 14:43:40   new ownership. menu items and prices have been simplified, the interior of the shop has been modernized a bit. still delicious. their specialty donuts are cool. overall, great changes/improvements! —JosephToan