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The page now claims that this is the same business that Charlene Benjamin's Fo' Paws was, i.e., that Terri Martinez bought the business. However, after Charlene died, Martinez operated what seemed to be a different business under a different name. I'd like some clarity on this issue given that there are other former Fo' Paws employees with a grooming business in Davis. Just to be clear, I have no problem with the use of the name "Fo' Paws Pet Grooming" if a business license has been obtained. I'm only concerned with the claim to be the "same" business. —CovertProfessor

She worked with Charlene for a very long period of time and I'm pretty sure purchased/inherited/had right of first refusal to the name? ~SD

  • She didn't appear to have it immediately after Charlene died. Again, I don't doubt that she has now obtained legal rights to the name. But did she purchase or inherit the business? I think she would have had to in order to legitimately say it is the "same" business. However, it seemed pretty clear in the immediate months after Charlene's death that she did not have the "same" business. —cp
    • With all due respect, since when does anyone have to "legitimately say" *anything* on Daviswiki? —JimStewart
      • Well, I was a customer of Fo' Paws and loved Charlene. I am happy to see her former employees flourishing and carrying on in her style. However, I am *really* bothered by the thought that Terri might be claiming to have the same business when it is not the same. It seems like an attempt to take advantage of the business that Charlene built and that isn't right, especially since there are other former employees with dog grooming businesses, but it would bother me in any case. To be the same business means that she got all of the assets and debts, the customer lists, the equipment, etc. I really doubt that this is true. If I am wrong, I am wrong, and if I am given evidence of that then I will let it go. But if this was really the same business then I think it would have been Fo' Paws all along. —cp

2013-09-19 11:36:47   I was taught how to groom by Charlene, worked with her for over 17+ yrs and took over the business even before she died. Sadly, I had to temporarily change the name because of the financial mess that Charlene left. I due have a bill of sale for not only the name, but for all the grooming equipment, etc., that the business owned. And Vicki, Jess & I all worked together still after Charlene died, I brought Kiana in because we needed another groomer, I couldn't everything all by myself. She had been semi trained by Petco and then we ( Myself, Jess & Vicki), taught her how to groom the way charlene taught us. It was because of Kiana and other things, that we split, but I still owned the name Fo' Paws and struggled to keep grooming the way Charlene would have wanted me to do... What more do you people want for proof?, why can't all of you including them (Pawsitive Groomers), just let me be to groom and make dogs pretty like Charlene taught me to do?.... Why all the lies about me or whether i'm really Fo' Paws?, I'm all that's left of Fo' Paws now... Kiana never worked there, Jess is gone on disability and Vicki only washed & dried the dogs... If you have questions, just call and talk to me for god's sakes!, there's enough dogs to groom here in Davis for all of us, there's no need to be spreading the lies and falsehoods like what's been going on for too long now!, If you really need proof or whatever, ask me, I'll show you and prove that what I say is true!... I just want to have enough animals to groom to survive and be left alone in my shop to do what I was taught so well to do by Charlene, to make animals pretty! —TerriMartinez

  • Ok, I am sufficiently satisfied that this is the same business and have restored your edit to the page. That is all I was ever asking for — for you to give some reason to the rest of the community for thinking it was the same business. Again, please remember this is not "your" page but the community's page. You came along and made the edit to the page and then didn't work with us (until now) to understand it. And now you seem to be getting pretty defensive, and accuse me of lying and bad faith. That's pretty insulting, and I take offense. I am only trying to get the page right, and my reasons for doing so are given above — the apparent "bad blood" between you and other former employees weighing heavily in particular. I have nothing against you or your business, and I wish you the best of luck. I hope that in the future you can work with other editors to edit this page and other pages that document this wonderful community of Davis. —CovertProfessor
  • I tried to tell you I talked with her... I don't think Terry accuses you of lying and bad faith that appears to be a generalization. Also Terri is correct: there is a phone number where she can be reached. Outreach is effective when utilized properly ¬_¬ ~SD

2013-09-19 12:56:51   Terri—as a dog lover (I have King Charles Cavalier Spaniels), I know a good groomer is essential and a true gift. You've been through a lot and I just want to wish you the best in resolving issues you've had and the best in keeping the business going. I'm in NY but help out on the Wiki but if I have the pleasure of coming to Davis, I'll certainly swing by. —PeteB

2013-09-20 18:34:43   What was wrote on 09-19-2013 by Terri was a lie. The truth is the business was left to my mother, she was the executor of Charlene's will. The business was never sold to anybody. Terri did not take over the business before Charlene died. Everything was left to Vicki only, after talking to an attorney decided to dissolve the business for tax purposes that's why the name Craft of Fo' Paws was created. My mother has Charlene's will in her safe. It really hurts me and sickens me that she is lying about this, Charlene was basically my aunt, she helped raise me. I was the shop baby. I want Terri to stop using her name when it comes to her business. Charlene has nothing to do with this business or it's practices. Please stop, thank you. —MustangLisa05

2013-09-20 19:43:32   Ok, MustangLisa05's comment is exactly what I was afraid of. At this point, I think we have three options: 1) We write the page in a neutral way, which is how it is written as of 7:40 PM, 20 Sept 2013. 2) Someone shows some evidence to decide things one way or another. 3) We have a big, nasty wiki fight that makes everyone angry, hurts businesses, and fails to respect Charlene's memory. I dearly hope that we all want to avoid #3. Personally, I think we should accept #1 and move on, even if it is an imperfect solution; if someone really wants to go route #2, they can do so, but I really think that it is beyond the Wiki's purview to start looking at evidence and making legal interpretations. So please, all, let's just walk away from this and avoid a fight. —CovertProfessor

2013-09-30 18:10:11   Terri unfortunately is being false about saying that she's the "only one left " from Fo paws. That is lie, like Mustanglisa05 stated everything was left to our mom. Why would Charlene leave the business and all the contents if Vicki wasn't a part of the Fo Paws business because she just "washed & dried the dogs". My mother and Charlene were extremely close. Terri didn't have that relationship with Charlene in anyway. When I hear the name "Fo Paws" I want to be able to think about Charlene, not Terri and her lies that got her to this point. Also Terri stated that she worked with Charlene for 17+ years, how can there be "+ years" if Charlene died after Terri only knowing her for 17 years, I would know because Terri started working at Fo Paws right after I was born and Charlene died when I was 17. I want Charlene's great name to live on without people making up lies to better their lives and businesses. —Caribunfill

2013-09-30 18:55:59   The comments from Mustang5 and Caribunfill appear to be coming from the same IP...that's suspicious to me —PeteB

2013-09-30 19:32:20   To Peteb. We are not the same person, she is my sister. And I wanted to add things regarding this business. And if the covertprofessor was a customer of the original fo paws then he would probably know that there was always a young brunette at the shop (me) and my sisters was there a lot too. —Caribunfill

2013-09-30 22:05:28   Ok wasn't sure—just something we usually take note of. Thanks for clarifying —PeteB