It is often a good idea to use ATMs to get foreign currency when you're away. But sometimes you may want to start with a little foreign cash or exchange cash that you're left over with at the end of a trip. There aren't many banks in Davis that will do it.

  • Union Bank will exchange paper money. only for account holders
  • Wells Fargo will buy paper money at prevailing costs only for account holders (they changed recently, funny how a big 10 doesn't want fees)
  • Since you frequently want to start with a little foreign cash (to avoid extortion at airport ATMs or exchange bureaus), you frequently want to keep some foreign cash if you anticipate ever having a next trip. Alternatively, maybe people who have or want small amounts of foreign cash could post here?


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I wouldn't mind exchanging away small amounts (public transport into town, and maybe some fast food) of Canadian dollars, British pounds, and Euros. —AlexanderWoo

"Union" will only do foreign currency exchange if you have an account with them. I was able to exchange some Euros at Bank of America across the street for free without any problem. Of course, they only exchange into US dollars.—ACToplasm

As a former Bank of America employee, I must say that yes, B of A exchanges foreign currency back into U.S. dollars but the last I heard (Aug '07), this service is now only for account-holders. The cool thing is that the money you exchange is deposited into your account within minutes. And no, they don't exchange coins, only paper currency. If you are BUYING foreign currency, the best way to do it would be online or you can call the customer service line, and it takes 2 business days to arrive. - CalamityJanie