Frat Row, short for Fraternity Row, is the stretch of Russell Blvd. from A Street to Highway 113 where many fraternity and sorority houses can be found. You can find Freshmen and Bros cruising frat row in search of free beer on most weekends. Tons of Frat Parties happen on Frat row.

Most college campuses have "Frat Rows", however here in Davis frats are actually found everywhere depending on the zoning of the specific properties for campus organization use. In fact, Davis has a relatively small "Frat Row". Another concentrated area of Greek Life is Frat Circle across from the ARC.

Russell Blvd Fraternities

Russell Blvd Sororities

Non - Russell Fraternities

Non - Russell Sororities

Fraternities without official houses

Sororities without official houses

A New Fraternity Row? Faced with an inadequate supply of affordable and appropriate (by size) housing, many Greek chapters now exist among the City of Davis’ neighborhoods. Not surprisingly, the shift towards “informal houses” has only exacerbated the tensions between students and the city’s permanent residents.

As the university is developing its “Long Range Development Plan” (LRDP), a growing population of both students and City of Davis officials believe that the prudent choice for the university would be to take into account zoning for a fraternity row/ communal housing. In this manner, groups ranging from fraternities to club teams could benefit from group housing alternatives that serve as an excellent example of high-density living. This approach has recently been taken by San Diego State University and has received overwhelming praise. Could this proven model be applied to UCD’s “West Village Neighborhood”? Take a look and judge for yourself. At this point, this type of project is not on the table.