Davis is home to a wide variety of Fraternal organizations that participate in Greek life. Due to UC Davis, many of these are student oriented: about one tenth of the UCD student population is Official IFC or Panhellenic1 Greek. Fraternities are encouraged to utilize the Events Board as opposed to chalking.

Student Fraternities

* Also see the Frat Row and Frat Circle page!

There are also a bunch of more Joke Fraternities that either don't exist or exist outside of the Greek system. You might also be interested in knowing about Sororities and Honor Societies. There have been discussions about various Fraternity Reputations on the Wiki.

General Fraternities


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2006-09-06 10:26:47   What does registered mean? —JamesSchwab

2006-09-06 10:50:13   I suppose it means registered as in a registered student organization. Maybe some of the "Greeks" would know how this differs from having a charter on campus. I do know a Greek fraternity can lose its charter at a campus and I'd assume it would have to somehow first be registered, no? —AlphaDog

2007-02-22 10:23:09   i think this page should have a couple word description of each fratenity next to it, so people do not have to click on every page to find a specific type of frat —MattHh

2010-07-19 17:08:41   I believe it means registered under SPACClarenceL


1. National Panhellenic Conference [NPC] is the governing body for Sororities, not to be confused with National Pan-Hellenic Council [NPHC] which governs the nine historically black fraternities/sororities.