An Orange One

Front End Loaders follow the big rear load Davis Waste Removal trucks when they are picking up green waste.

They are pneumatic (or possibly hydraulic?) front end loaders, they have a cool looking triangle shaped basket with ~6 inch dull teeth. The basket is lowered and scraped along the ground into a pile of clippings and then scooped up and driven to the "mothertruck" where it is deposited and another load is then retrieved. They two trucks work together in constant radio communication, but the front end loaders are the lookers of the pair. One of the drivers said that they cost about 100 K each. The cab is split in a funky way, and the engine is in the back, it like the Street Sweepers has a very low degree turning radius, is based out of DWR and they also decked out in white and blue, or black / orange.

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yes I know of the orange one, but when I was young they had [and they still do] they had the blue and white ones, I'm gonna try and get a shot of one of em.