39967 Sharon Ave
Weekdays 6pm-10pm, Weekends 12pm-10pm
[email protected]
Names of owners/proprietors here
October 2006
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Little information is known about this local game store that focuses on Roleplaying Games.

This very homegrown business is run by a very nice man named John (John Peters, perhaps) out of his home on Sharon Avenue, part of a residential "outpost" a ways out on county road 99. Apparently past its heyday, John reports Frozen Caveman Games nowadays mostly entertains organized tabletop games, though he still possesses considerable merchandise, mostly in the form of rulebooks and the like (an emphasis on D&D 3.5 manuals), and miniature figurines.

If one wishes to browse the items for sale, visit on a weekend, or contact with a request ahead of time.

Word has it national Dungeons and Dragons tournaments were once held here until They decided it was not a "real" business and could not host.


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2011-04-22 19:35:11   I've tried calling a couple times durring hours, and I've always gotten a machine that recites the hours. Has anyone actually been here? I looked up the adress, but it looks like a residential area just outside of town... —MasonMurray