Travis J. Grathwell displays some of 7-eleven's finest While some like to eat their dessert, others prefer it in the form of a frozen drink. They're especially delicious during Davis' hot Summer.



Slurpees are only available at 7-Eleven mini markets, such as the one on L Street. 7-Eleven licensed the frozen drink from the Icee Corporation in 1967 and began selling the frozen carbonated product in its stores under the name Slurpee. Some people use the name Slurpee to refer to any similar beverage, but a true connoisseur knows the difference.

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Icees are available at many places. Some would lump them in the same category as Slurpees, however, the main difference is in texture (Slurpees being gritty, and Icees being more...liquidy).

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Milk Shakes

Available at most fast food joints and ice cream shops.

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Root beer might be the classic, but lots of people like Coke or orange soda as well.

  • In-n-out — Part of the Secret Menu.
  • Burgers and Brew
  • Jack in the Box They have floats in any brand of soda from their fountain including Fanta Floats(Orange, Strawberry), root beer, etc. They use real ice cream unlike McDonald's or BK.

Coffee Drinks

If you want some caffeine with that coldness, a number of places in Davis offer frozen, blended coffee drinks.

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Smoothies differ from the above in that they contain real fruit; of course, they can still contain plenty of calories, depending on the other ingredients.

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Italian Ice


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