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2008-08-09 06:48:57   The Bike Church is an on-going fun project. In summer 2008, the church is in need of people to join the project, so to speak, and you can go there to help fix the place up. The more help they get, the less likely that the University will shut them down. That's a very noble use of your time. And fun. —TheAmazingLarry

2014-07-22 10:49:16   Need help building a house? We're a young couple looking to volunteer on a few projects over the next five years, so we can learn a thing or two before we try our own building project. We're especially interested in earthbag or strawbale projects, but we'd be happy to help with framing, drywalling, electrical, foundation-laying (or whatever the right word for that is - can you tell we know nothing?), anything and everything involved. If you're building a house around the Davis area and could use some competent quick-learners to help with gruntwork, email us! [email protected]

keywords: volunteer builders, volunteers, green houses, green building, diy, contractor, construction, new home, barn raising —MyfanwyErin