Planting your butt on the ground gets old, and sleeping on campus eventually gets old. Sometimes you just want a chair or bed. Where to find your next stick of furniture? Why, at these lovely locations:

In Davis




  • All Things Right And Relevant a consignment shop with limited furniture selection
  • Antiques Plus Sell & Buy
  • Bargain Barn Mostly office furniture, but you never know when you'll find a used operating table or x-ray light box to make an interesting "conversation piece"
  • Craigslist, including their 'Free' listings, is a great source for getting used furniture locally for negotiable prices
  • Dumpster Diving for furniture can be surprisingly fruitful, especially since people are usually too lazy to lift heavy furniture into the dumpsters.
  • Garage Sales, especially around the middle of June (at the end of the school year) or near the end of August (when many Davis leases end), when students are trying to unload their furniture before moving
  • L Street Furniture
  • SPCA Thrift Store Frequently has a few pieces of somewhat beat-up looking furniture on the front lawn at low prices. You can also check out other thrift stores in areas outside Davis
  • Tots Trade Center Gently-used children's furniture
  • The Freecycle Network

Outside Davis