Fuzzy Math: an uncommon, yet effective form of mathematics used for almost accurate guesswork. Fuzzy Math has been observed as most effective when determining shares for rent, solving time and distance problems, and working on flight planning.

Fuzzy Math: A branch of mathematics that deals with sets of numbers rather than specifically known quantities. Together with fuzzy logic, it's actually in use in engineering when you're dealing with the real world; higher end car air conditioners use thermostats based on fuzzy math to find the optimal temperature.

  • Presumably it would be taught at UC Davis... anybody know which course(s)?

Fuzzy Moth: A tiny winged insect that keeps battering itself to death at one of your outside lights. Sometimes they slip inside and sit contentedly for awhile until they abruptly become corpses. This life cycle can be rather tragically interrupted (for the moth) by the presence of a cat.

Perhaps you meant Fuzzy Duck?