Past agendas from GLOBAL meetings are posted here for long-term archiving. Ever wonder what GLOBAL was up to in months and years past? Here's your chance to peruse all the interesting meetings that have happened. For more detail, you can also check out the notes from past meetings.

2007-2008 academic year

May 22. 2008

  • Geography Symposium

    - GSA, Grad Council, GGG ExComm want this to happen this year - perhaps we should shoot for Fall?

    - Funding from GSA

  • tshirts
  • GLOBAL Frisbees
  • Fundraising

    - tshirt sales

    - Movie Night Cookbook = GLOBAL's fav recipes + movie suggestions for each dish (sell them at the Farmers Market?)

  • new workshop ideas

    - intro to GIS (possibly open source options)

    - geocaching

    - GPS scavenger hunt

  • Picnic day - How it went?

    - provide maps, open source GIS info, & a box to put donations in

  • Should we have a June party??? Help plan!
  • Next year's officers/plan
  • Welcoming next year's new cohort (recommended by Susan Olivia)

Feb. 21, 2008

Jan. 24, 2008

  • AAG travel commitee reports - don't forget to post to the travel page
  • No Lurking on the email list (if you join the list you're not anonymous) - AlyssaNelson
  • Bylaws - Unanimously approved by vote ending January 16
  • Bylaws - New amendment per Alex's comments (No Financing)
  • What became of the t-shirt contest?
  • Adventures (aka Field Trips)
  • Workshops, sparked by a conversation that the general UCD workshops aren't specific enough for geographers

Dec. 6, 2007

  • Learning Esperanto for Boston
  • Meeting day and time for Winter Quarter
  • AAG travel committee reports
  • Fundraising & Outreach

    - Mistletoe report

    - Picnic Day &/or Whole Earth Festival

  • TShirt Contest - who else should we contact?
  • Advertising to other groups

    - GGG faculty don't know about us!!!

    - Ecology

    - Animal Behavior Grad Group

    - CRD

    - LDA

    - Outside UCD?

  • Review of bylaws

Nov. 8, 2007

  • results of the course discussion at the GGG Executive Committee Meeting
  • Fundraising - need to work out details of mistletoe sale
  • Yolo Research Tour - we have a request from one of the participants for compensation for one of the hosts of one stop on our adventure This issue has been solved: we have no money to spend.
  • TShirts - winning design gets a free shirt, submission can be hand drawn, written or otherwise conveyed to Alex who will make the design work on a shirt
  • AAG - when do we start forming committees?
  • Advertising to other grad groups and departments - who? when to start? which ones? how to go about it?

Oct. 11, 2007

  • Welcome to the Club