All entries in the contest page are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (BY) Non-Commerical (NC) Please contact the artist if you would like to use their work outside of this contest. Not sure, but Ink Monkey Graphics may own the official final design.


2011 design proof, made by Ink Monkey Graphics based on Ambers's design First/Second round made by Ink Monkey Graphics, based on Michele's design

Round 3 (Jan 2011) Amber's butterfly design looks fantastic on the dark green of this year's t-shirts. Email Bryan at bjpon (at) if you're interested in ordering a shirt.

Round 2 (Nov 2008) We stuck with the same design for group imaging reasons and to keep our cost down. As of Jan 2009 there are several shirts available for purchase. They are $15, made from Organic Cotton(Anvil), in M,L,XL. Contact AlexMandel if you would like to purchase one. Proceeds from the sale go to the club's funds.

Round 1 (March 2008) We made a first round of shirts in time for the AAG 2008. Do to the time crunch we had to go with a simpler design. All of the first round have been sold to members.

Ultimate Discs

We don't want our designs to go to waste so AlexMandel would like to see Elena's map design become an ultimate disc design.

  • We need to finish the design - Based on Elena's design we're looking at using a polar projection for the disc.
  • We need to raise funds from tshirt sales to pay for the first round of discs.
  • We need to agree that we want to make some discs.

Once all those tasks are done AlexMandel has the information to order from DiscCraft.


T-Shirt Design Contest! The UC Davis Geographical Legacy Of the Benevolent Aggies' League (aka the GLOBAL: geography club) held its first ever T-shirt design contest.

Purpose & Theme: A T-shirt with some connection to geography using words and/or images. The design must incorporate a Geographic theme and make us look good. Designs are not limited to one side of the T-shirt. Eligibility: Anyone Format: Submit images, words or even just ideas electronically. If you need help converting a hand drawn item to a digital submission contact AlexMandel. Judging: GLOBAL officers will select the finalists to be voted on by the club by early January. Prize: A free T-Shirt, design credit and retention of design ownership (plus it will be something to tell your children and grandchildren … I remember the year I won the T-shirt contest for the UCD GLOBAL Geography Club).

The deadline was December 15, 2007.


There is no limit to the number of entries or ideas, for sanity group all of your ideas on the page. No deleting other people's ideas, no submission of copyrighted materials you don't own the right to.

Just put it in the table, if you have an image attach it to the page and link to it. No need to put gigantic images files, if we like your design we'll contact you for a higher resolution image.

New Entries - 2010 Contest

NEW! February 2010 - preliminary sketch of CA dogface butterfly (a.k.a the state insect) with continents. What do you think? ([email protected])
Mother Earth, as portrayed by W. Heath Robinson (1872-1944)

Old Entries

the words GLOBAL in big block print with the little copyright symbol being a globe, AlexMandel
the word GLOBAL with a corporate-looking globe replacing the O, MicheleTobias
two designs using words... please note the map-like nature of the one on the bottom left (double click to see it bigger) by MicheleTobias
the letters of GLOBAL in big block print distributed in the globe ([email protected])
the letters of GLOBAL one inside another ([email protected])


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2007-11-19 21:13:46   Michele, the new one (bottom left) hurts my brain. In a good way... Awesome! —StaceyEllis

2010-02-21 00:48:44   Hi,

The butterfly/globe sketch is in it's early stages. I'm hoping to get some feedback. I was thinking along the lines of "if a butterfly flaps it's wings in China..." and the general biogeographic ties to butterflies (not least because Art Shapiro is on our campus). If people like the idea, I'd flesh it out by filling oceans with black, cleaning up the lines (keeping lat/long lines as allusion to butterfly wing veins) and maybe putting it in a circle. CA dogface butterflies are yellow, so this could be a black-on-yellow or yellow-on-dark-color shirt. If we want different colors, I could use a different butterfly profile. I was picturing the image relatively small (<4"), off center, and tilted. The words 'GLOBAL' stands for could be a squiggly butterfly trail, or could be on the back of the shirt.

Other shirt ideas are: -A stylized map of Davis -A modification of the Mother Earth graphic above (original is by W. Heath Robinson, done between 1897 and 1944) -Your own bright ideas? —admanfree

2010-02-21 16:56:39   Amber, those are awesome designs! I can't decide which I like best. —MicheleTobias