1606 Olive Drive ; in the complex at the end of Olive Drive
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 8am-1pm
Sat 9am-noon
Bill Cavins

Ganesh Fixit is a shop that repairs vacuums and other appliances. They also perform electrical and plumbing contract work as Ganesh Works — see that entry for more details about the business.


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I'm not sure. I saw an elephant with a lot of arms holding a lot of tools. I think it's an elephant who can fix anything. - ArlenAbraham

Um, that would be Ganesh, one of the major Hindu gods, worshipped by Ganapatyas. It's a Fixit service, general handyman work place. I jog past it every morning. Want pictures?JabberWokky

2005-02-07 19:45:55   Ganesh Works is the name in the phone book but I've seen it referred to both ways —AndrewChen

2005-02-07 23:09:55   yeah, i know who ganesh is. i was just wondering there was actually a guy there who had lots of arms and was good at fixing things becasue he had so many arms —ArlenAbraham

2005-02-08 10:56:17   I believe it is Ganesh who has all the arms, not the guy. Unless the guy also has an elephant head. Then all bets are off. —JabberWokky

2005-02-08 13:17:46   yeah, Ganesh should have an elephant head. —RohiniJasavala

2006-10-27 17:13:50   Ganesh has been serving Davis for over 30 years. They are completely dependable and highly ethical. You can leave them at your ohuse to work unattended and they will not disappoint you. They have done dozens of jobs for us and we have NO complaints. Bill Cavins, the owner, was in the Peace Corps in Asia back when giant dinosauers ruled the earth. He probably played with Ganesh when they were both children... —FreddieOakley Hey, that's not true. I wasn't allowed to play with elephants. Bill Cavins

2008-03-20 12:07:42   I've seen Ganesh truck around town forever, good show! —StevenDaubert

2008-10-12 16:41:50   This building in the picture used to be Pacific Telephone's main switching building and it is the same age as the owner (me). —BillCavins

2012-10-16 17:04:47   Ganesh Works is a great company to hire for your handyman needs. I called them and although I needed to wait about 1 month for the work to be done, it was fully worth the wait. Chris, the tech who came out, was very professional, clean, communicated very clearly was able to complete all tasks I had requested. Prices were very reasonable as well. Thanks Ganesh! —PeriSiepman

2013-03-29 16:06:54   These guys might be able to fix your vacuum but don't trust them with your dishwasher or water heater. They just might curse you out. —TomRichey