Generation Sex Week Flyer 2010 by Kate Rockwell Generation Sex Week is an annual event (or group of events if you will) put on by ASUCD's Gender and Sexuality Commission, and supported by groups like the LGBTRC, the WRRC, and the CCC. GenSex is a sex-positive event that aims to educate students about things like safe sex and sexual diversity, and acts as an encouraging environment in which students can learn about themselves and others in a positive way. In other words, Generation Sex Week is a series of week long programs/workshops aimed at facilitating healthy attitudes and fostering education on all forms of gender, sex and sexuality—See also Sexterpiece Theater.

  • All GASC and Generation Sex Week events are free and open to all regardless of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, political affiliation, ideology, class, citizenship, or handicap. ASUCD and GASC welcome ALL students to come and participate in the events. Many people came to celebrate, learn and have a great time.
  • GenSex events do operate under voluntary safe zone guidelines, and organizers ask that the attendees respect this request. A "Safe Zone" is an agreement to be respectful of all participants, presenters and attendees at an event. It also includes being non-judgmental and non-assumptive about all involved. While the term safe zone may not be a "legal" term it does follow the UC Davis Principles of Community that some students uphold.

While Generation Sex Week is not the same quarter EVERY year, it has become a Winter Quarter event: "The hottest week in winter!"

Gen Sex Winter 2011

Gen Sex 2011 Flyer by JenniferGiang * Held from Monday, February 14th, through Friday, February 18th 2011. *

Schedule of Events: Monday, 2/14 VAGINAS 101 5-6:30pm, Giedt 1007 Presented by the WRRC

SEX TOYS AND THE PHYSIOLOGY OF PLEASURE (18+) 6-7pm, MU King Lounge Presented by Jo-El Schult from Good Vibrations

SAFER SEX WORKSHOP 7-8pm, MU King Lounge Presented by Jo-El Schult from Good Vibrations

Tuesday, 2/15

IN BETWEEN THE SHEETS WITH PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Everything you wanted to know about Birth Control, Condoms, and STDs. 11am-12:30pm, MU Fielder Presented by Planned Parenthood Mar Monte

ASEXUALITY WORKSHOP 12-2pm, Wellman 233 Presented by Evelyn Milburn, Tommy Dombrowski, and Cory Dostie.

BDSM WORKSHOP (18+) 7-9pm, MU Garrison Presented by Laura Mitchell.

Wednesday, 2/16

IN BETWEEN THE SHEETS WITH PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Everything you wanted to know about Birth Control, Condoms, and STDs. 11am-12:30pm, MU Fielder Presented by Planned Parenthood Mar Monte


GENDER SOLILOQUEERS 7-9:30pm, TCS Building Student performances and open mic

Thursday, 2/17 TRANS SAFE ZONE TRAINING 5-7pm, LGBTRC Presented by the LGBTRC.


GUEST SPEAKER: DAVID JAY 7-9pm, Olson 261 Founder and webmaster of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN).

Friday, 2/18

YOGA: THE RAINBOW OF GENDER & SEXUALITY 12-1pm, ARC Dance Studio Free yoga class for all levels with instruction & discussion about gender & sexuality at the beginning of the class provided by Sexual Harassment Education Program.


GUEST SPEAKER: JIZ LEE (18+) 5-7pm, Wellman 2 Jiz Lee is a genderqueer porn star who is known for a gender-bending androgynous look, female ejaculation, vaginal fisting, strap-on performance, and fun sex-positive attitude about sex. The genderqueer performer, who prefers the pronouns “they/them” instead of “she/her” is an advocate for ethical empowerment of realistic bodies and equal gender agency in pornography.

QSU DANCE PARTY 8:30-11:45pm, Delta of Venus. $3-5 sliding scale. Fundraiser for Queer Student Union. Music by DJ Purr and DJ Stenny McNasty.

Generation Sex Week, Winter 2010

Held February 8th-12th and included the following events:

  • Monday: (2/8)

Sex Ed Revamped - an informational panel/discussion about sexual health, safe practices, and differing types of sexual practices including fetishes, what is "normal" and personal questions. Sex Toy Workshop - fun and playful lecture/discussion format from a representative from Good Vibes on sex toy use and safety.

  • Tuesday: (2/9)

Body Image Workshop - workshop about healthy body image and how to manage with opposing opinions. Screening of "Precious" - a movie about a teen girl's struggles with rape, incest, teen pregnancy, and getting through life.

  • Wednesday: (2/10)

Sex and Mental Health - a mental health workshop with an open format based on the group's discussion flow. "Gender Soliloqueers" - a first time event with a spoken word/performance base intended to let students express their own opinions on their own sexuality, gender, etc. +in general.

  • Thursday: (2/11)

Consent Workshop - Workshop discussing the importance of consent, how it works, and why it is necessary. Masculinity Panel - panel focusing on the different perceptions and representations of masculinity today.

  • Friday: (2/12)

Sex and Ability Panel - open-ended discussion group about sex and ability/disability. Vagina Monologues - a performance associated with both GASC and the WRRC, as well a members of the Davis community.

Generation Sex Week, Fall 2005

Held November 14th - November 18th, and included the following lineup of events:

  • Tuesday: (11/15)

Pillow Talk Wellman 2 @ 7pm A sexuality panel made up of both students and staff who identify with a variety of genders, sexualities, and sexual experience. Panelists answered questions regarding their sexual views and experiences.

  • Wednesday: (11/16)

The O Tapes Young 184 @ 7pm A documentary featuring real women talking about their intimate personal experiences and their quest for sexual ecstasy. Along the way the women explored such "forbidden zones" as orgasm, masturbation, the G spot, "kinky" sex and female ejaculation. Question and answer portion with the Women's Health Specialists followed the screening ( link ).

  • Thursday: (11/17)

The Best Night of Sex You Will Ever Have Roessler 66 @ 8pm An open mic night featured a variety of performances pertaining to gender, sex, sexuality or sexual assault. Some people came to watch or joined in as well as performed.

  • Friday: (11/18)

TransAmerica 26 Wellman @7pm A film about a pre-operative male-to-female transsexual takes an unexpected journey when she learns that she fathered a son, now a teenage runaway hustling on the streets of New York. Movie snacks were provided.

***Some comments by MasonHarrison (which were duplicated in many places) and the ensuing discussion have been moved to Exiting Safe Zone Entering Reality.***


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