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Jane LaBelle, CAMT, CAMQ, CD(DONA)

Life’s events help us grow towards greater balance, and the birth years are a substantial part of this progression. At Gentle Wind Healing we support the birth years by balancing body, mind, and spirit to help clients conceive, carry, and labor naturally, with calm confidence, clarity, and inner harmony.

Classical Chinese Medicine: Acupressure, advanced medical qigong, tui na massage, herbs, and herbal oils. Natural fertility, repeat miscarriages, preconception balancing, turning breeches, and natural labor induction. Pregnancy and family wellness. Monthly mini-sessions throughout pregnancy, and 39th week labor prep sessions.

Certified Chi Gong Instruction: Private instruction and small group classes, including balance before conception (up to three years before conceiving, partners OK), prenatal chi gong, postpartum rebalancing, and play qigong for toddlers.

Birth Doula Services: Emotional, educational, and coaching support during entire labor & delivery, with two prenatal consultations, and one postpartum visit that includes parent/infant energy massage instruction. Our birth doula service incorporates acupressure, massage, reflexology, and qi emission throughout labor, in addition to traditional comfort practices.


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