Geography is a program that is no longer officially offered at the undergraduate level at UC Davis. Courses were available until Fall 2006 under the Department of Environmental Design, but was phased out. It's a shame, because it was an awesome major that used to teach students a ton about understanding the world we live in. It would be an awesome day if it ever got brought back. However if you're interested in lobbying the administration to do so, you best hurry before they phase out the rest of the professors for it.

The Geography Graduate Group is strong at 70+ students as of 2007 and is recognized in the academic geography community as producing excellent graduates. As a graduate group, the geography community is spread across campus, but you will find GGG students as TAs and researchers for LDA, CRD, ESP, ERS, ANT, SOC and just about anything GIS. The program's headquarters are on the first floor of Hunt Hall.

Geography graduate students have a tradition of being involved in the campus and city community. Many geography students have served in the Graduate Student Association. Students successfully lead the information-gathering initiative to help overturn the decision to close the program in 2008. Several students helped document the protest of the pepper spraying in 2011. Students helped create Geospatial Consulting @ UC Davis to address the needs of the campus community for map making and geospatial research.

GLOBAL:geography club, was started on campus in 2006 by some members of the Geography Graduate Group. The group plan to hosts dialogs about geography stuff on campus, run field trips and facilitate student participation in professional geographic societies. You can join the mailing list < geographyclub AT ucdavis DOT edu > (must be campus affiliated, but if you're not, contact AlexMandel to get on the list.)