George Ajlouny was an ASUCD Senator, who ran in the Winter 2006 ASUCD Election with Student Focus and beat out LEAD. He ran for ASUCD Senate as an Independent in the Winter 2007 ASUCD election.

Candidate Statement 2007

Hey, Whats up everybody! Yes it is true I am running for Senate again this time of year. Many of you may or may not know my term as a Senator ends at the end of this quarter. But I want to continue/pursue on as an ASUCD Senator because I still have many ideas and attributes I want to give to the students on Campus.

A little about myself. I am a third year majoring in Biochemical Engineering and a member of the fraternity TKE. I love to have fun and i always like keeping a light mood so then things run more smoothly and im more easily approachable.

The last time I ran I wanted to have more Quad Shows for the students, I wanted to put the money the students are paying to the University back into their pocket with fun events. I also stressed highly I wanted to represent the Science and Engineering department but a bill and now an Admin plan to create the Science and Engineering committee was already in the works. But even though, I still believe I did not do to my fullest potential to represent the department on campus. If I am re-elected, I guarantee this will change.

As of now, I am currently co-authoring with other senators and government officials, especially State National Affairs in writing an Admin Plan to have Student Forums monthly here on Davis. The student forums which will consist of heated topics that take place on our campus and worldwide today or recently.

Another event I am currently doing in office is having a Speed "Mixer" Fundraiser to help fund Cal Aggie Camp, Sports Equipment, and Quad Shows for the Entertainment Council

Things I would like to do if reelected. - The old post office room in the third floor of the MU is currently not being used and there have been discussion of what should go in there. What I would like to do is have a Dating Service on the first floor which will have students be able to meet one other to make new friends or new mates for life or just a fling. This service will also hold speed dating activities for everyone to enjoy with music and such. The service is open to everyone and anyone...if your a Davis Student.

I also want to install snack vending machines in all the freshman dorms. The Junction in the Segunda area closes at 12 a.m. on weekdays and opens late and closes early on the weekond. Thee nearest spot to go to get food is AM PM after 12 at night. That could be a pain not only cause of the weather and distance, you ahve to chagne out of your pajamas. With teh vending machines freshmans are allowed to get food whenever they want.

Another thing I want to work on is having a Student mediator for students who have issues they can not talk to anyone else but the mediator. Issues which can range from being personal(confidential) to issues about a problem the student has with a professor/ TA.

I want to be a student senator. I want students too not just look at me as a public official but as a friend. Someone they can go to when there is a problem. I will be straight up and I vote the way I believe is best. I do my thing to help everyone and keep everones concerns in mind.

Main Goals as a Senator -Dating Service -More involvement with the Greek life in Davis. -Science and Engineering Recognition -More Quad Shows -More funds for Club Sport Teams -Having Fun

Candidate Statement 2006

Hello! My name is GEORGE AJLOUNY and I’m excited to be running for Senate on the STUDENT FOCUS ticket for Winter 2006. I am a second year Biochemical Engineering major. After a great first year of getting involved on campus, I want to give back to the campus by running for a seat on the ASUCD Senate. Some of the goals I would like to accomplish are:

  • Hold weekly live music performances in the Quad to provide more entertainment to students while on campus.
  • Work with student engineering groups to promote their presence on campus. We have one of the top engineering programs in the country and I will work with ASUCD to recognize the accomplishments of engineering students.
  • Work with Club Finance Council to increase the transparency of the application process so clubs can better understand what requirements are necessary to obtain funding.

These are my personal goals as well as the goals of the rest of the STUDENT FOCUS slate! If you have any questions or ideas feel free to approach me on campus, after all my main focus is to represent all students. Don’t forget to vote George Ajlouny and STUDENT FOCUS on February 22nd and 23rd at


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2006-02-25 18:24:40   Congrats on the win —JoshDean